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The 13-episode extreme mini-golf competition series, swings into season two as Holey Moley II: The Sequel. The sophomore season will showcase self-proclaimed mini-golf lovers from around the country as they compete head-to-head through an epic obstacle golf course. In each episode, eight contestants will put their miniature golf – and physical – skills to the test as they face off in out-of-this-world challenges on the supersized course. The winners of each episode will return to the Holey Moley course for the all-star grand finale, where only one will be crowned winner and claim the $250,000 prize. 

Rob Riggle, Joe Tessitore and Jeannie Mai are featured as on-camera commentators and sideline correspondent, respectively. 


Holey Moley 3D in 2D Episode List

Season 3
Episode Date Title Description
10 9/23/2021 The Turducken of Golf It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for when the hardest-hitting season thus far comes crashing to a head in the season finale. After a neck-and-neck race to the finish through a pinball machine, water-spraying fish and fiery windmills, there will be a new “Holey Moley” champion claiming their title of the greatest mini-golfer of all time.
9 9/9/2021 The Classic Dipsey-Doodle Kicking off the night, our first golfers will launch themselves into Agony of Defeat, leaving the other pairs to fight through their nerves on Dutch Courage En Fuego, take a snack break at Donut Hole and hit the waves on Turfing USA.
8 8/19/2021 It’s Family Night! It’s a family game night like never before as putters face off against their own family members. Family dynamics are tested on Parcade, Putt-A-Saurus and Donut Hole, while rivalries heat up on Dutch Courage En Fuego and one pair takes the plunge on Holey Matrimony.
7 8/12/2021 These Boots Are Made For Putting Competitors give it their all on the Agony of Defeat and test their balance on Turfing USA.
6 7/22/2021 Another One Bites the Donut Golfers test their putting skills on Corn Hole, Putt-a-Saurus, Parcade, The Fishing Hole, Dutch Courage En Fuego, Donut Hole and King Parthur’s Court.
5 7/15/2021 Pretty Tee-riffic One contestant attempts a comeback after taking a big bounce on Putt-A-Saurus; another competitor makes an impressive near-save while jousting on King Parthur’s Court; Rob Riggle shares more about the legend that is Curry the Kid.
4 7/1/2021 Earth, Wind, Fire, Donuts Golfers face three new holes, including Putt-A-Saurus, Parcade and Donut Hole; those who succeed face off on Dutch Courage En Fuego and joust their way to victory on King Parthur’s Court.
3 6/24/2021 No Apparent Fear of Death Two players face off on Holey Matrimony; a psychic goes up against a basketball mentor on the Agony of Defeat; the first contestant of the season survives the North Pole’s Ho Ho Hole.
2 6/17/2021 Silent Night, Holey Night The competition — and two contestants’ love lives — heats up on a surprisingly romantic episode.
1 6/17/2021 Holey Moley Goes Pro! Stephen Curry is determined to take the sport of “Holey Moley” pro; commentating dream team Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore return to the booth to watch the action unfold.
Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
13 9/10/2020 A Finale of Epic Proportions Winner takes all in the season finale where it all comes down to one putt. Twelve finalists return to the course to face off on four of the toughest holes.
12 9/3/2020 Double Dutch Riggle An Olympic golfer, a professional musician, a law student, a pageant queen, a former NFL player, a used car salesman, sumo wrestlers and the owner of a golf supply company compete. A hole-in-one earns a contestant the final spot in the grand finale.
11 8/13/2020 You Just Got a Free Bath A competitor faces the ducks on Putter Ducky; a competitor gets his birthday wish on Uranus. Rob Riggle tries his hand as a fitness influencer. Inspiration behind Hole Number Two; an NFL veteran faces off against a contestant.
10 8/6/2020 It’s Apple Sauce Time! The “president of mini-golf,” a competitor who holds a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and a contestant who loves applesauce.
9 7/30/2020 Porta Party A yoga instructor and a businesswoman face The Distractor; an ice cream entrepreneur and a professional wrestler compete on Buns & Wieners. Two self-identified cat people take on Water Hazard. Greg Louganis and Steve Guttenberg guest judge.
8 7/16/2020 Under Paargh! Competitors include two transplants from Poland, a former world-ranked professional golfer, a model, a British stuntman, a man with magical whiskers, a cat lady, and a longtime putting hopeful. Greg Louganis and Steve Guttenberg guest judge.
7 7/9/2020 Love At First Stroke Chris Harrison swings by the course. Eight single mini-golfers see if they can hit it off while they tee it off, hoping to fall in love before they fall into the icy water. Difficult ball placements on hole number two lead to trick shot attempts.
6 6/25/2020 Don’t Attempt This in Clogs Two Texans take on Uranus; a professional golfer and a golf instructor face off on Putt the Plank with the help of Jon Lovitz. A hardcore mini golfer and a motivational speaker zoom through Polecano.
5 6/18/2020 Where the Herd At?! Celebrity friends cheer on a competitor on Slip N’ Putt; mini golf meets baseball on The Distractor. A competitor faces off against an opponent dubbed “Mister Mini Golf.” A twist sends one contestant into the final round on Double Dutch Courage.
4 6/11/2020 I Think We Just Made History on Uranus A bartender and government official face off against not only each other but also two massive rubber ducks on Putter Ducky. A social media influencer and beatboxer take on the second Distractor of the season.
3 6/4/2020 That Man Knows How to Ride a Weiner A professional author faces off with an aspiring professional golfer. Contestants need to ride the mechanical gopher mascot, Sir Goph, before even attempting a putt. The finalists battle it out for a chance to continue to the grand finale.
2 5/28/2020 That’s One For the Scrapbooks! A former professional golfer tees up against a scrapbooking queen on the Putter Ducky hole. A professional model and revenge-seeking husband flip out after their diving skills are scored by Olympian Greg Louganis and actor Steve Guttenberg.
1 5/21/2020 Literally Jumping the Shark America’s favorite mini-golf competition series featuring commentators Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore, sideline correspondent Jeannie Mai and executive producer Stephen Curry, swings into season two.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
10 8/22/2019 Power of the Fanny Pack A contestant finds himself in the water. Two competitors fall into icy water while attempting to get across before their ball does. A firefighter contestant contends with a fire breathing distraction. Gymnast Gabby Douglas guest commentates.
9 8/22/2019 Mother-Putter! Two contestants have trouble with Dutch Courage’s giant windmills. A mom of two has a pre-competition ritual that includes drinking champagne. A contestant challenges the putt count of his opponent. Professional golfer Michelle Wie guest commentates.
8 8/15/2019 Everyone Can Be Terrible! An experienced player, self-proclaimed “putting ninja” faces off against a casual, recreational mini-golf player on “Log Roll.” Across the course, a math teacher goes head-to-head with a product spokesmodel on “Dutch Courage,” summer beach party pops up on “The Distractor,” sideline correspondent Jeannie Mai and course mascot Sir Goph get fast and furious in a golf cart race, and Stephen Curry admits even he is scared of the daunting final hole, “Mt. Holey Moley.”
7 8/8/2019 It’s Like Playing Golf in Space One contestant brings a new mascot to the course – her dog! Another is seeking redemption and returning to the mini-golf course for the first time since he overslept the morning of his mini-golf regional final tournament. A legendary actor stops by the course to help guest commentate. Course Marshall Joe takes the spotlight on “Log Roll” and the final hole, “Mt. Holey Moley,” leads to a sudden-death putt-off between two of our finalists where the winner takes all.
6 8/1/2019 Never Count Out the Beard It’s east coast versus west coast when a New Jersey contestant faces off with California native, aka “the wizard of mini-golf” in a round that culminates in a sudden-death putt-off tiebreaker. Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran’s doppelgänger takes on “Tee’d Off” and a mini-golf trick shot artist shows off his skills. The distraction on this week’s “The Distractor” is none other than a mime!
5 7/25/2019 An Outbreak of Ginger Fever In round one, the iconic “Dutch Courage” windmills claim their newest victim and it’s grandma versus grandma on “Caddysmack.” Plus, a yo-yo champion trades in his yo-yo for a putter, paparazzi do their best to mess with competitors on “The Distractor” and a finalist’s nerves nearly get the best of her on “Mt. Holey Moley’s” infamous zipline. In “Behind the Hole,” Stephen Curry teaches viewers about the mini-golf clap.
4 7/18/2019 The Greatest Show on Turf An intense matchup pits a stay-at-home mom against a former pro-golfer, while a self-proclaimed math nerd hopes his geometry background will impress Stephen Curry on “Caddysmack.” Across the course, Mick Cullen, mini-golf “rockstar” tries his hand on “Surf or Turf.” In a nail-biting finish, a tie on Mt. Holey Moley forces contestants to put it all on the line in a putt-off for the winnings.
3 7/11/2019 Leave the Golf to the Robots Two contestants face off in a sudden-death tiebreaker on the Surf or Turf hole while on the other side of the course, we learn one of our competitors has only read one book in his whole life! Plus, a surprise award-winning actor joins for play-calling during a round at the Arc De Trigolf.
2 6/27/2019 The Thunderdome of Mini Golf Famous professional mini-golfer Robin Ventura tackles the course. A spill leaves one player temporarily unable to see his putt through to the finish line.
1 6/20/2019 Putt Up or Shut Up A special Grammy Award-winning celebrity guest makes an appearance on The Distractor hole in an attempt to distract the putters and break their focus.
Season 0
Episode Date Title Description
2 9/17/2020 Holey Moley II: The Sequel: The Special: Unhinged, Part Deux
1 9/10/2020 Holey Moley II: The Sequel: The Special: Unhinged, Part One

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