Mint Julep Bar Guide - Dining at (Disneyland Resort)

Service Type:Quick Service
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Mint Julep Bar Menu

Mint Julep Bar Daily

Annual Passholder Special
Tumbler Refill0.99
Mint Julep Bar Seasonal Offerings
Haunted Mansion 50th - Blackberry Midnight Julep4.49
Haunted Mansion 50th - "Honey... I Do" Beignets - 3 Pack5.49
Haunted Mansion 50th - "Honey... I Do" Beignets - 6 Pack8.99
Haunted Mansion 50th - Hitch Hiking Ghost Gus Dessert21.99
Mickey-shaped Beignets - 3 Pack4.99
Mickey-shaped Beignets - 6 Pack8.49
Mixed Beignets - 6 Pack8.99
Cuties® Mandarin 3-Pack4.49
New Orleans Mint Julep4.49
Dasani® Bottled Water3.99
Coffee - Regular2.99
Coffee - Decaffeinated2.99
Hot Tea2.99
Hot Cocoa2.99
Assorted Fountain Beverages - Regular3.99
Assorted Fountain Beverages - Large4.19
Minute Maid® Apple Juice1.99
Lowfat Milk1.99
Travel Mug7.49

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