Promenade Refreshments Guide - Dining at (Walt Disney World)

Service Type:Quick Service
Price Range:$ ($14.99 and under per adult)

Promenade Refreshments Menu

Promenade Refreshments Lunch and Dinner

All-Beef Hot Dog8.49
Chili All-Beef Hot Dog9.99
House-made Ranch Kettle Chips2.99
Soft-serve in a Waffle Cone4.49
Assorted Fountain Beverages - Regular3.29
Assorted Fountain Beverages - Large3.69
Souvenir Mug6.99
DASANI® Bottled Water3.00
Alcoholic Beverages
Leinenkugel Seasonal Shandy8.75
Sea Dog Sunfish8.50
Samuel Adams Seasonal9.00
Bud Light7.25
Hurricane Reef Amber Ale9.50
Key West Sunset Ale9.50
3 Daughters Blonde Ale9.50
Orange Blossom Pilsner9.50
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA9.50

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