Tropical Hideaway - Project Tracker (Disneyland Resort)

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The Tropical Hideaway promises to be a true “escape” location for Disneyland guests. Nestled near Jungle Cruise in Adventureland, this fast casual exotic marketplace will serve dishes from all corners of the world including, steamed bao buns, chilled ramen salad, and sweet pineapple lumpia – a spring roll filled with pineapple and sweet cream cheese.

The Tropical Hideaway is the prefect place to relax and take in the sights of the Jungle River on its spacious, open-air dock. Here, guests will be surrounded by atmospheric and musical sounds of the tropics.  In the evening, torch lights will illuminate the area and set the mood, transforming The Tropical Hideaway into an enchanting nighttime venue.

Finally, the mysterious, never before seen Rosita—she’s the one the Enchanted Tiki Room birds talk about—will make her grand debut along at the Tropical Hideaway. Rosita is an audio animatronic and she can be found at river’s edge by the loading dock waiting for her boat to arrive. According to Disney, she’ll have quite a few things to say when interacting with guests.

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