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As a Disney lover, I truly appreciated and enjoyed going through Kyle’s journeys and experiencing the Parks from his unique perspective.

-Josh Sussman, Actor (Wizards of Waverly Place)

A Disney vacation is more than just a vacation. As author Kyle Burbank found out, the magic of the Disney Parks can follow you long after you’ve left the gates. From traveling around the world to meeting the woman who would be his bride, The Walt Disney Company has had an undeniable effect on the course of his life.
The E-Ticket Life celebrates this and takes you along for over a decade of adventures than can all be pinpointed back to Disney-made memories.
Throughout your travels, you’ll be treated to tales of villainous run-ins, humorous observations from a Disney local’s point of view, and gorgeous illustrations that bring the stories to life.
Whether you’ve never been to the Disney Parks or you’re an Annual Passholder, The E-Ticket Life has something for you. Fans of “the Mouse,” seasoned travelers, or just about anyone who has ever fallen in love will be able to relate to the stories contained in this collection.
So join Kyle Burbank on this exciting and entertaining E-Ticket ride; it’s a magical Disney journey you won’t soon forget!

 “A must-read for anyone who has ever felt the magic of a Disney Park, and an even more essential one for those who have yet to.”
-Chris Bergoch, Screenwriter (Tangerine)

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We are looking to publish titles that Disney fans can relate to and appreciate — something beyond typical guidebooks. If you have a unique view on or experience with the Disney Parks or the company at large, we’d be interested in hearing it.

We are also open to other ideas involving theme parks, movies, travel, and even fiction writings within (or around) those topics. If you’d like the share an idea with us, we’re willing to listen!

What does Laughing Place Press provide for authors?

Laughing Place Press is a great option for authors who want to be part of a supportive community, receive professional and constructive critique to improve their work, and get help with the editing and design process involved with publishing a book. In addition to helping author bring their projects to fruition, LP Press helps handle fulfillment of titles and pays authors a quarterly royalty based on sales.

Does it cost anything to submit or publish my book?

NO! Laughing Place Press does not charge authors to submit their proposals or to publish their work (nor should any publisher, for that matter).

Will you publish my book if I pay you?

No. We are not a vanity press and will only publish titles we believe in. If you want to pay to publish your book, we suggest looking into other routes of self-publishing.

If Laughing Place Press publishes my work, will they own the copyright?

No. The author will always retain the copyright to their work (again, this is how it should be for any publisher). LP Press will simply own the rights to sell and distribute your book. Should this agreement dissolve later on, you are free to publish your manuscript elsewhere. Where will my book be available?

All Laughing Place Press titles will be available on — one of the largest retailers in the world. This even includes paperback version available in Europe as well as eBook versions available in dozens of other countries. Your book will also be available to order from retailers such as Barnes and Noble. Finally, LP Press has had a presence at such trade shows as the D23 Expo where our authors are invited to sell their books at our booth (and at increased royalty rates!).

Will my book be in bookstores?

Laughing Place Press titles will be available for bookstores to order, though it is unlikely that they will stock our books given our small size. However, if enough people request your book at a given store, they may consider stocking it in the future.

How many books will I sell?

That will depend on a great many factors. Although we will do the best we can to get your book out there, the fact is we are a small operation. Your ability and willingness to help promote your book will help immensely with sales. It can also be a long process, but your book will continue to sell for as long as you’re willing to promote it. Basically, don’t expect to get rich or make the New York Times bestsellers list, but reaching the top 10 in certain Amazon categories is certainly attainable.

Will I get an advance for my book?

Laughing Place Press does not pay any advances to authors. All the costs associated with writing the manuscript (including any trips for research or inspiration) are solely the responsibility of the author. LP Press will cover other publishing costs including editing, designing, and printing the title. Authors will only receive royalties based on actual books sales and not projected amounts.

How much will I make?

Our royalty structure is confidential and will be discussed with authors whose projects we are interested in. That being said, we offer reasonable and competitive rates to our authors in hopes that each book we publish will be mutually financially beneficial.

How does my artistic vision for my project factor in?

We are committed to helping you achieve your artistic goals and create a book you can be proud of. At the same time, we will strive to create a product that fits our brand and meets the needs of our readers. We are more than willing to listen to your concerns as an author but please be willing to collaborate and be open to the ideas of others.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Author Submissions” tab_id=”1440873241-2-26″][vc_column_text]How can I submit my book idea?

Laughing Place Press is currently accepting book proposals electronically. We prefer .PDF formatting, but can also accept Word or Pages files.

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]. Please include “Proposal: (Your name, Your book title)” in the subject line.

What should I include in my submission?

We ask that you please complete a full book proposal. There are many opinions out there as to what a proper book proposal should entail, but we ask that you please include the following:

  • An overview of your book — What the book will be about, how long it will be, what inspired you to write the book, etc. Think of this as a more detailed version of what would be on your back cover.
  • Markets for your book — If your book is about Disney, we know that is a big market. However, go into detail about what kinds of Disney fans your book will appeal to. Older fans? Younger ones? History buffs? Casual fans? Etc. Also include any additional demographics you think your book could be marketed to and why.
  • Competing and complimentary books — Include a short list of other books you think may be similar to yours. This isn’t to say they are identical, but this will help give us a better idea of what you’re aiming for. Please include the book’s title, author, publisher, year of publication, list price (non-discounted price), and page count.
  • A promotional plan — While we have certain marketing plans in place (including partnering websites and podcasts, social media ads, contests, etc.), please share any marketing plans you have for your book or any connection you may have that can help us promote your book.
  • About the author — Tell us about yourself! This can be as formal as you’d see in the finished book or more casual if you wish.
  • An outline and chapter descriptions — Please provide an outline for your book as well as a short (2-3 sentence each) synopsis of what each chapter will be about. This won’t be set in stone, but we’d like to know your full plan for the book and how it will unfold.
  • Sample chapters — Finally, please include sample chapters for your book so we can get a sense of your writing style and skill as well as the tone of your book. We would like to have 10-25 pages of manuscript (double spaced in a standard font/size) in order to assess this. Additionally, since introductions and forewords will cover much of the same ground as the overview of your proposal, please send actual content chapters. These can be the first chapters of the book, but do not necessarily have to be.

Admittedly, this can be a lot of work but it is the most efficient way for us to truly understand your idea and make a decision on whether or not we are interested.

For more information on writing a book proposal, we recommend this aptly titled book in addition to other resources that can be found online. However, please note that while your proposal should be professional and well crafted, for our sake it does not need to be as formal as some of these sources suggest.

How long should my book be?

It depends on the content, but ideally your manuscript should be over 50,000 words at the very least. If we like your book at it makes sense for it to be shorter, we may consider other options for publication including making it an eBook exclusive as opposed to doing a print run.

How much of the book should I have done before submitting?

Our recommendation is to submit only when you have a clear plan for your book and will be able to develop a quality manuscript and one that meets our length requirements (see above) once “green lit.” Some authors may be able to have a strong enough outline to accomplish this early in the process while others may wish to complete their entire manuscript before writing a proposal. Keep in mind that we will need at least 10 pages of material in order to make our decision regarding publication.

When should I expect to hear back?

At this time, we anticipate being able to respond to all applicants within two weeks time. Should this change, we will contact you with an updated timetable.

Will you contact me even if you’re not interested?

Yes. We will contact each author who submits a proposal regardless of whether or not we’d like to move forward with their project.

Can I resubmit a proposal if it has previously been rejected?

You are welcome to resubmit if you’d like, but please pay attention to any reasons we may have given for our initial rejection and correct/update any issues. Certain projects will, unfortunately, just not work for us and so please be respectful of our time and do not continue to resubmit if our visions continually do not align.