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Donald Duck Face Antenna Topper

Princess Shoe Ornament - Elsa (from Frozen)

Minnie's Bake Shop Glass

Princess Shoe Ornament - Miss Piggy

Mickey Silhouette in Corners Beveled 4 x 6 Photo Frame

Mickey Drinking Coffee Hipster Magnet

Mickey's Ice Cream Bar Glass

Mickey Mouse "Please Stand Clear Of The Door!" Monorail Door Sign

Jedi Training Academy

Young ones get the opportunity to learn how to be a Jedi from a Jedi Master. But beware, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers make an appearance as well.

Type: Theater Presentation (Scheduled)  Location: Tomorrowland Terrace
FastPass: No  
Length: 20 minutes
  Infant: 1   Child: 3   Pre-Teen: 2   Teen/Young Adult: 2   Adult: 2   Older Adult: 2
Editors' Ratings (Averages): Thrill: Unrated   Theme: Unrated   Overall: Unrated
Reader Ratings: Unrated


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