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User ID: Gratefulmom (4/4/2010)
A late dinner (later than was good for us) with my ex-mother-in-law almost turned into a horror if it were not for the Downtown Disney Security staff and an alert Tram Driver. My oldest son is ADHD and has Aspberger's Syndrome. As his medicine wears off in the evening, he tends to get more and more agitated by noise and confusion and less able to cope with it. My children's grandmother and aunt had not seen them in more than a year and wanted to drive up from San Diego to see them. I agreed to meet them for dinner, but was dismayed to be told that they had made reservations for 7:30 pm at the Rainforest Cafe - a very busy place and late in the evening. After we ate (WONDERFUL FOOD), they wanted to begin taking pictures with the children. By this time it was after 9:00 pm - way after the children's bedtime and much later than I usually have my son out, knowing how he can be. Although I explained many times that I needed to get him back to the hotel as quickly as possible (a 20 minute walk for us) they kept taking pictures. "Just one more. . " As they took the final picture, he ran off toward one of the flower beds in the center. Then they said goodbye and left for their car. I tried to keep a sharp eye on my oldest son, but just then my four year old tripped and fell down. By the time I got him back up, the oldest had disappeared. I looked for him for a few minutes, and then immediately asked a passing cast member for help. She immediately called security from a nearby merchant cart and stayed with me until a security cast member arrived. He got all the information possible, including my son's medical issues and put it out on the radio traffic. I told them I wasn't sure if he may have run all the way back to the street our hotel was on. He got back on the radio and asked them to check the security cameras in the parking lots. They located him in one of the far parking lots. About that same time, one of the tram drivers called security to let them know that there was an unaccompanied minor on his tram. My son was approached by a security member in uniform and kindly taken by him to his security vehicle. How wonderful they all were. I was personally escorted over to the parking lot to retreive my son and the staff was so understanding and helpful. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the understanding and concern shown by the staff. Usually, I get nasty looks and am made to feel like a terrible mother, but they listened to me and understood about Aspberger's Syndrome. They were AWESOME!!

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