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LP Lotion: New Pixar Play Parade at Disney's California Adventure
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Posted March 17, 2008
Characters from every Disney-Pixar motion picture appear in this parade which invites guests of all ages to take part in its playfulness. The parade features acrobatics, bungees, high-energy choreography, interactive surprises and lively bubble and water effects and a dozen parade floats up to two stories tall. The cast and crew number more than 100. Girard and Nevil composed brand new tunes for Pixar Play Parade, including the "Countdown To Fun!" theme, which brings the show to life as it travels through Disney's California Adventure.

Encouraging everyone to dance, play and clap along, Mike, Sulley and their monster buddies from "Monsters, Inc." lead the procession with Roz as the drum major.

Next up is the colony from "a bug's life" followed by "The Incredibles" aboard their "hovercrafts." Jack-Jack also on hand bursting into flames.

Next is the bubbling world of Dory, Marlin, Crush, Bloat and their friends from "Finding Nemo" who invite everyone to "play in schools". "Ratatouille's" Remy and Emile are next turning their kitchen into a super soapy pool of creativity with kids and families as the main ingredients.

Woody and the "Toy Story" gang arrive next to encourage guests to kick up their heels, while Buzz Lightyear and the Little Green Aliens celebrate just how "universal" play can be, in any galaxy. Finally, the gang from "CARS" bring up the rear.


A complete video of the parade is available by clicking below.

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