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Report: Walt Disney Art Classics Mini-Convention
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by Linda Yatsko
April 14, 2000
A detailed report on the three-day mini-convention held by Walt Disney Art Classics at Walt Disney World on March 23-25, 2000.

pic01.jpg (19010 bytes)

Day 1: Check-In
Avast ye, landlubbers! There be rough waters ahead! There be a long line for checkin’ ye into this treasure affair. And so began the Second Annual Walt Disney Art Classics Mini-Convention held at the Contemporary Hotel Convention Center in Walt Disney World, March 23 through March 25, 2000. A computer snafu held us at bay but the wait was worth the reward of a very nice welcome gift - an Art Classics piece - a treasure map event title scroll! After having name badges made, the attendees were free to view the auction items and the product preview area in suitably decorated rooms.

pic02.jpg (18005 bytes)
Entrance to the product preview area

pic03.jpg (5883 bytes) pic04.jpg (10808 bytes)
Which one is the name badge photographer? Logo Merchandise
pic06.jpg (7155 bytes) pic05.jpg (9728 bytes)
Marc Davis lithograph auction piece
2000 Disneyana concention piece
pic07.jpg (16333 bytes) pic08.jpg (18033 bytes)
Fantasia/2000 product preview items Paul Phillips welcomes conventioneers
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