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Tokyo DisneySea Hotel's Bridal Dream Preview - Part 2 of 2
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by Marc Borrelli
August 30, 2001
What's it like to get married at Tokyo's Hotel MiraCosta? Get a preview in this article. Part 2 of 2.

We continue our short break from his pictorial tour of Tokyo DisneySea to bring us Tokyo DisneySea Hotel's Bridal Dream Preview. The preview is by Marc Borrelli, columnist and owner of Be sure to visit for more DisneySea information and pictures.

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel's Bridal Dream Preview
Part 2

If you missed it, Part One of this article is still available.

Note: The prices in this piece are listed in Japanese yen.  The exchange rate at the posting of this story (August 30th, 2001) is 117 yen to the dollar.

Direct translations are in italics.

Picking up right were we left off yesterday, we've left the Break Salon and we've walked right nextdoor, where we'll start off looking at and talking about -

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These items appear very similar to omiyage, but they share something more than just their appearance with those obligatory "souvenirs" (for lack of a better English word). Hikide-nomono as these items are called, are also obligatory.  Each wedding guest receives several of the items pictured here. Most items are about 1500 yen and the common amount spent per guest: 10,000 yen.

As in other parts of the world, it's the bride's parents who traditionally pick up the tab.  As we'll go into in a few pages this wedding service is already quite expensive to begin with. But there's hope for the parents... That hope is, not uncommonly, dread for the invited guest. Read on... I''ll explain.

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