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Tokyo DisneySea Tour - Part 11, DisneySea Plaza
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by Marc Borrelli
September 7, 2001
Our pictorial tour of Disney's newest theme park - Tokyo DisneySea - continues with pictures from DisneySea Plaza's pictorial tour of Tokyo DisneySea, Disney's newest theme park which officially opened on September 4, 2001, continues today with DisneySea Plaza. The tour is by Marc Borrelli, columnist and owner of Be sure to visit for more DisneySea information and pictures.

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    Aquasphere at night with video
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The strikingly impressive and serenely beautiful Aquasphere, the lush architecture of a village in the hills of Tuscany, the sweeping and powerful orchestral and magical and dreamlike electronic soundtrack... (The sound system is simply incredible.)  I've found the atmosphere of DisneySea Plaza addictive. The sense of peace and comfort I feel there, especially at night, is something I've come to treasure.

In this photo tour, we'll enter the plaza from the north gate, travel counter-clockwise around the plaza, and conclude with a focus on the Aquasphere at night.

DisneySea Plaza - Page 1

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The view as we pass through the north turnstiles

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