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The Laughing Place Podcast: #170: 85 Layers of Action
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June 3, 2011
The LPP is back in tact this week as they talk Star Tours, New Fantasyland, Pirates of the Caribbean reviews, the Captain goes west and much more including listener feedback. Sponsored by and recommends - the Official Travel Agency of - for all your Disney travel needs. recommends Howard Johnson by Disneyland  Park- the Recommended Disneyland area hotel of

We're trying to make these shorter, really we are. But this week's edition once again weighs in at a little over two hours. But there are no knock-down, drag-out debates this week, just a lot of opinions on a lot of topics ... most of it fun.

This week's show

Podcast #170: 85 Layers of Action
Date: June 3, 2011
Length: 129:13


Star Tours Opens; News from the grand opening event and opinions on the updated attraction including a painful admission that Rebekah may have been (partially) right. Also don't miss the crew's dramatic reenactment of the grand opening ceremony.

Media Tour: Doobie took a media tour of the Magic Kingdom that included Mickey's Theater and the updated Haunted Mansion queue and finale.

Fantasyland Hard Hat: Also on that tour Doobie got to go behind the walls in Fantasyland which got the crew talking about the impact the new land might have on Disney World, Harry Potter and even Legoland.

Captain Jon Goes West and wows the Pirates Butt Numbathon at the El Cap and experiences new stuff at the Disneyland Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews; Half the crew has seen it so far. What do they think?

And More: Listener Mail, Becoming a Disney Geek and much more.

Quotes of the Show

Can you find them all???

  • He does the world's greatest podcast ... and the LPP! -- Doobie
  • 85 layers of action -- Rebekah
  • It's less about the fact that it's going to be different every time as... that it might not be different every time -- Captain Jon
  • That was your prize?!? That's a Groupon! -- FanBoy


As always, your LPP is sponsored by: Our favorite place to stay at the Disneyland resort. A very short walk (even closer than the Disneyland hotel). Family Suites. Awesome water play area. And exceptional service. Our favorite Disney travel agency. Concierge service at no extra charge. And guess what? Free dining is back at WDW for travel August 28 - September 24th.

Your Panel - The Original Edition

This panel for this week's show is...

Doobie: The author of this article and the co-owner of Doobie has been a Disney fan since 1995 and has visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World literally thousands of times though he's never worked there. His favorite attractions are the restaurants. Doobie is the father of a 2-year old little boy named Gideon (who you can hear on a few podcasts in early 2009) and has a dog Happy (who you can hear on the podcasts almost every week including this one).

Rebekah: The other co-owner of and Doobie's wife. She's a life-long Disney fan who's also visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World thousands of times. She's a big fan of the 70s Disney, especially the 70s Mickey Mouse Club. Her daily job at requires her to keep her finger on the pulse of all things Disney. She's the sensible one in the crew (just checkout podcast #19 for proof) She also has a 2-year old little boy and a dog.

Captain Jon: Another life-long Disney fan who comes at things from a slightly younger point of view. He's especially adept at dreaming up new Disney attractions, but ultimately, he's a pirate with all that that entails. His favorite movie is, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean. His hits include the very popular, now retired, but occasionally returning Captain's Challenge. He's back from California this week. Boy are his arms tired.

FanBoy: He's back this week but we recorded anyway. FanBoy knows his Disney from both the fan perspective and the business perspective. Favorite ride? I don't know. Favorite movie? I don't know. Favorite exec? Bob Iger. FanBoy ... we're lucky to have them. recommends - the Official Travel Agency of - for all your Disney travel needs. recommends Howard Johnson by Disneyland  Park- the Recommended Disneyland area hotel of



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