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The Laughing Place Podcast: #172: North to the Future
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by Doobie Moseley (archives)
June 24, 2011
The Podcast crew discuss Al Weiss' retirement and what it means for Disney Parks, FanBoy's Alaskan Disney Cruise, Disney and Marvel's Comic-Con involvement, the 2011 Disney Legends and debate the park's celebrating birthdays with year-long celebrations. Also 50 Words or Less, Reader Mail, Voice Mail and more. recommends - the Official Travel Agency of - for all your Disney travel needs. recommends Howard Johnson by Disneyland  Park- the Recommended Disneyland area hotel of

Podcast #172: North to the Future
Date: June 27, 2011
Length: 106:51


Remembering Wally Boag and Betty Taylor: Two Disneyland legends passed away recently.

Back to the normal frivolity...

Al Weiss Surprise Retirement: What does it mean for Disney Parks?

Swapping Places: Why did the heads of Hollywood Studios and Epcot switch jobs?

An Alaskan Disney Cruise: FanBoy took one and tells us all about it. He also re-compares the Disney Wonder and Disney Dream having now done both recently

Comic-Con: Does a diminished presence for Disney and Marvel mean something? Also how is that Marvel integration going?

D23 Expo and Disney Legends: We run down the list of the newest Disney Legends

Debate O'The Week: Should Disneyland and Walt Disney World celebrate their birthdays with year-long celebrations?

And more ... A Matt Ouimet update, 50 Words or Less (X-Men: First Class and Super 8), Reader Mail and Voice Mail and the tallest mountains in the country

Quotes of the Show

This week they're all courtesy of FanBoy from what he heard on his Alaskan cruise. I'm not going to ruin them by putting them here.


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Your Panel - The Original Edition

This panel for this week's show is...

Doobie: The author of this article and the co-owner of Doobie has been a Disney fan since 1995 and has visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World literally thousands of times though he's never worked there. His favorite attractions are the restaurants. Doobie is the father of a 2-year old little boy named Gideon. He has never been to Alaska.

Rebekah: The other co-owner of and Doobie's wife. She's a life-long Disney fan who's also visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World thousands of times. She's a big fan of the 70s Disney, especially the 70s Mickey Mouse Club. Her daily job at requires her to keep her finger on the pulse of all things Disney. She's the sensible one in the crew (just checkout podcast #19 for proof) She also has a 2-year old little boy. She has been to Alaska.

Captain Jon: Another life-long Disney fan who comes at things from a slightly younger point of view. He's especially adept at dreaming up new Disney attractions, but ultimately, he's a pirate with all that that entails. His favorite movie is, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean. His hits include the very popular, now retired, but occasionally returning Captain's Challenge. He has plundered and pillaged in Alaska.

FanBoy: FanBoy knows his Disney from both the fan perspective and the business perspective. This week he's got a brand new tan from his first visit to Alaska.



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