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Disneyland Paris' 10th Anniversary Preview
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Later that evening, we joined other guests at a party in Discoveryland. Media attendees were split by national boundaries, and therefore we were clustered with German guests in a temporary structure behind Star Tours. The food was a limitless buffet with each station representing a different land at the park. The resort has developed new logos for each of the lands, in addition to a new park logo (and name in Disneyland) were highly visible behind the servers. In the centre of the hall was a giant birthday cake, complete with unlit candles and a large "10 Ans". A very lively band with a virtuoso fiddler (reminiscent of Barrage) provided entertainment.

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The Cake
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As the evening was drawing to a close, several cast members appeared with rods to light the candles on the birthday cake, as the band struck up the Happy Birthday song. We then received a birthday cake with a flaming sparkler! As we filtered out of Discoveryland, we all convened in front of the Castle for a special birthday firework display.

Last Friday saw the park officially reach the tenth year milestone. The day was full of unexpected memorable entertainment, and the park was packed with guests enjoying this special day. I hope to cover the celebrations in a fuller article next week.

I look forward to seeing any readers at the Celebration of Walt Disney Art Classics Convention this weekend, as I am flying out Wednesday to participate in this fourth mini-convention. I look forward to meeting a few new faces!

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Donald came out to play...
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...and found Lee
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Posted: 10/25/14

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