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by Michelle Smith (archives)
December 20, 2002
Fab shares some of her readers' favorite things about a Disney Christmas.

What does one do when she has writer's block?  She hits up her readers for a subject for her column.  This is a man/woman on the street type thing, and for this one I asked: What is your favorite Disney thing about the Holidays?  Send in yours and I'll put them up, along with a report from the premiere of The Lion King in IMAX and some Holiday fun from Disneyland later this week.

Fab:  It will always be the resorts at Walt Disney World - each decorated with its own theme, with special meet and greets and storytelling, hot chestnuts warming your hands as you walked into the Grand Floridian.  Here, it's Disneyland with Alice, making cookies and listening to the Carolers.

Guv: The lights on IASW! 🙂

Jon: It used to be the Christmas show, which they used to have a full orchestra playing live at.  That was an amazing show. At the end, they had everyone grab a line of tinsel, and a huge Christmas tree would pop up out of the stage, and they did have a full live orchestra playing. It was cool.  Then it got replaced after a few years, with something far less cool.  It was the same orchestra they had for the candlelight thing. 

Tinybeetle: Anything Disney? The Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland. 

Ann Onnymouse: My collection of Disney Christmas trees - I have one in almost every room in the house, and my dogs and cats have their own.  Disney Cats on one and Disney Doggies on the other!  This year, I got a little Princess tree - it all comes in one box, ornaments and all, and it's all themed, and I just set it up in the bathroom.  My husband puts up with it as long as I don't put any up in his workshop!

Spence: Well, I guess if I were in CA, then it would be the different attractions, but since I'm not, I really like all the parks' decorations and the lack of crowds. 

Cran: Specifically, the way Disney dresses up Main Street for the holidays. 

SFH: New Years countdown  It is an exciting moment where the park is jammed packed and the whole day has been leading up to it. 

Piffy: My favorite Christmas Disney memory was a 1980's Disney Channel Christmas Special.  Donald was in a shop working on a package assembly line or something and the "narrator" was telling Donald about all of these "disney moments" through a megaphone (which is all you saw sticking out of the wall) probably one of my earliest memories of Disney 

PJ: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Seeing the Christmas Parade at night, all the characters meet and greeting in their winter outfits, the special guest groups performing throughout the park and Celebrate the Season on the Castle Forecourt stage. 

Gwen Smith: Well, for me, it's just Disneyland during the holidays. The feel of the park at that time. It's just like double the magic. One of the most special moments I ever had at the park was sitting in the general store with a couple of friends, at the checkerboards... and watching the carolers pour in, and perform a few songs to... well... us, really. The annual Disney trip with my family was always around the holidays, so that is how I typically picture the park anyway. 

S: Well like most people I really disney during the winter holiday season. Nothing is more wonderful to me that Small World Holiday... 

Dave: Well normally (call me weird) but I really the music from the Xmas parade (which I wish they would put on CD) but this year I get to spend a day during the Holidays with (for the 1st time) Both my granddaughters!!! So this might be the topper

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-- Michelle Smith

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-- Posted December 20, 2002