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Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland
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by LaughingPlace Staff
June 30, 2003
Coverage of the red carpet at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland on June 28th.

On June 28th Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl  had its World Premiere at Disneyland Park.. Below are pictures from the event and a video interviews with the voice actors, film creators and others.

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12 video interviews are available. All are presented here in RealVideo format and are available for either low bandwidth or high bandwidth connections. A transcript of each video is shown below the link.

1) Cynthia Harriss: President of the Disneyland Resort (37 seconds)
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Harriss: This is absolutely thrilling. First time ever that we've had a movie premier and clearly it's, I think, the biggest premiere our company's ever done - certainly the number of stars that are coming..

LP: And this is an exciting week as Tuesday we start the X Games Xperience.

Harriss: Absolutely. Did you go over there today and see some of the teasers with the half pipe? We were doing a few little teasers today and the guests were going wild.

LP: All this looking forward to the next couple of years and the 50th.

Harriss: Yes, and every day in between. Thanks for coming.

2) Jack Davenport: Commodore Norrington in Pirates (27 seconds)
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LP: What was it like to play a part in a big Disney blockbuster?

Davenport: Kind of fun, kind of surreal. You know its nice to play a character that you kind if open your mouth and 700 people do what you just said. So yeah I became a little crazed with the power so there you go.

LP: Have you experienced the attraction over in Disneyland?

Jack Davenport: No. I've saved it up for tonight. This is my first time in Disneyland so its going to be an odd way to see it for the first time but you know...

LP: Well, welcome. Enjoy the ride.

Davenport: thank you.

3) Daryl Sabara and Bobby Edner: Young actors from Spy Kids 3 (49 seconds)
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LP: You just finished Spy Kids 3, right?

Sabara: Yes, Spy Kids 3 is going to be amazing. It's so cool.

LP: Is it neat to be a part of the Disney thing of doing radio Disney stuff and all the other kinds of things?

Sabara: I love Disney and I love Disneyland, it's so cool.

Edner: We love it all.

LP: who are you with?

Sabara: This is Bobby Edner

Edner: I play Francis the Brain in Spy Kids 3.

LP: Is it fun to work with so many kids in the OSS...

Sabara: He isn't in the OSS. It's a little different, you gotta see the movie

4) Alexa Vega: Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids 3 (54 seconds)
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LP: How is Spy Kids 3 going?

Alexa Vega: We just finished it. Its awesome so far. I got to see a little bit of it on the set. They won't show us too much. They're hiding all the secrets. It was great working with Sly and Salma. It was incredible.

LP: What was it like filming the movie in 3D? Was it different than doing the first two?

Vega: I've gotten that question a lot and filming in 3D I thought was going to be totally different. I thought that I would, you know, act different and do what I do all different (moves arms around) but honestly its everyone behind the scenes that had a really hard job. They had to make sure all the camera lenses were perfectly centered, 'cause there's two different cameras in one.

LP: Is it neat to be part of the Disney machine where you get to do Radio Disney and be on the Disney Channel all the time?

Vega: Yeah, I actually really enjoy it. I haven't really done much for Disney lately 'cause I've been busy running around. I know Darryl does a lot of that so he gets to sub in for me.

5) Keira Knightley: Elizabeth Swann in Pirates (10 seconds)
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Keira Knightley: It's great. I mean Pirates of the Caribbean is a swashbuckling adventure so I think anybody will love this film. And I love the ride anyway.

6) Klaus Badelt: Composer for Pirates (34 seconds)
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LP: What was it like to compose music for something that already has a famous score from the attraction?

Klaus Badelt: I never went to Disneyland before. I never saw, I never took a ride. So we didn't want to do anything like a Pirate Movie. I looked at Johnny
Depp's character and thought rock and roll let's do it.

LP: So you wanted to make it your own, take it to the next level?

Badelt: Yeah, exactly. Like you know the average pirate movie that's been done before, I mean the traditional one. Its a new millennium so its just
something new.