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Peter Pan to the Rescue at Disneyland Paris
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by Lindsay Cave
July 19, 2004
A look at one of Disneyland Paris' newest shows.

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This year’s new entertainment offerings from Disneyland Paris got off to a great start with the Lion King Carnival, and they keep raising their standards with a very pleasant production in one of the best settings for any Disney park show. “Peter Pan to the Rescue? performs up to 5 times daily aboard the recently renovated Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship anchored in Adventureland. A short distance away from Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight, the placement could not be anymore perfect with Adventure Isle and the foreboding Skull Rock in the background.

Performed in alternating English and French, with use of music from the animated Peter Pan, the story tells of Peter’s rescue of Wendy, Michael, John and the Lost Boys from the clutches of his arch-nemesis Captain Hook.

Hook’s pirates set the show off with a rousing ‘A Pirate’s Life’ before the arrival of Hook and Smee in a rowboat. Once onboard the pirates demand that they set sail again, but Hook will have none of it until he gets his hand(s) on Pan. He believes he will find Pan’s hideout from the captured Wendy, but as resolute as ever, Wendy refuses to reveal where Pan is. Hook’s final chance is Tinkerbell and even her betrayal is too late. A booming mocking voice is heard, and pan-demonium ensues whilst Hook jumps into the arms of Smee; with a puff of smoke it’s Pan to the rescue!

Flying in to confront Hook, the dagger and sword out for battle, a somewhat familiar sound is heard... tick-tock, tick-tock and Hook freezes as he sees the Croc in the waters below. Relishing his victory now, Pan releases the Lost Boys and with ‘Follow the Leader’, the pirates are overthrown. Victory is secured with the tying up of Hook and Smee.

The use of the ship as a stage works extremely well, although the best audience areas are small, uneven and rarely obstruction-free, therefore an early arrival is highly recommended. The Croc is another very simpleand effective device, much like the Spirit which roams the Rivers of the Far West during Halloween. It is also great to see the Lost Boys being played by young guests. The show will run until the end of August and return for an extended stay next year.

I hope these pictures can give you an impression of this entertaining show.

Next up from Paris: coverage of Disneyland Park’s new smash hit musical, Legend of the Lion King.

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