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Toon Talk: Ratatouille
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by Kirby Holt (archives)
June 28, 2007
Kirby reviews Disney/Pixar's latest animated feature Ratatouille.
Toon Talk: Disney Film and DVD Reviews
by Kirby C. Holt

(c) Disney

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios
MPAA Rating: G

Bon Appetit!

Imagine the one thing that you want to do more then life itself, the one thing that truly gets your motor running, that you are more passionate about then anything else in the entire world. Now, imagine that what makes you you is the one thing that keeps you from doing it.

Such is the predicament of Remy. You see, Remy wants to cook. No, even more then that, his dream is to be a chef, one of the greatest chefs in all Paris. There is just one thing standing in his way: Remy is a rat.

He is also the star of Disney/Pixar’s latest computer animated gem, Ratatouille (in theaters today), the ultimate “against all odds? story that is as unique and as tasty as its titular dish.

(c) Disney

We first meet Remy (voiced by The King of Queen’s Patton Oswalt) exactly where one expects to find a rat: in a garbage dump. Remy’s olfactory talents and demanding taste buds sets him apart from the rest of his colony, led by his traditionalist father Django (Brian Dennehy). When his quest for the most succulent of morsels leads to the colony’s forced evacuation from their current home, Remy is separated from his dad and “he’ll eat anything? brother Emile (Peter Sohn) and ends up stranded, alone, in the sewers of Paris.

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