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Six Fun Disney World Dining Experiences (and One That Could Be Better)
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by Doobie Moseley
July 29, 2011
Want to have a fun dining experience at Walt Disney World? Here are six of Doobie's favorites that don't involve characters and one character experience that could be better, and some alternatives for it.
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All seasoned Walt Disney World visitors know the fun doesn't stop when you get off the rides. Disney puts a lot of effort into creating memorable dining experiences of all types - from the upscale and elegant to casual and friendly. But many find the most memorable restaurants to be those that offer a little bit of fun. And while character dining is the first thing many think of when they think of fun restaurants, it's not the first thing I think of. In fact, all of my favorite fun Disney World dining experiences have no characters at all.

So below I present my six fun Walt Disney World dining experiences. In addition, at the end for your character dining fans, I give one character dining experience that should be a lot more fun than it is and some character dining alternatives you might want to choose instead.

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Whispering Canyon

The undisputed king of Walt Disney World themed dining is Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge. Its a zany place to dine with servers yelling across the restaurant, kids riding hobby horses around the room, a very efficient way of straw distribution and I dare you to ask for ketchup. Each server has a western-themed name and a story to go with it. Among the stranger things Ive seen are an ice tea brought in a humongous jar for a guest who got too many refills, a server request the phone from a guest who was talking on their cell and proceed to talk in their place, a very large fork brought to a guest who dropped theirs and did I mention the ketchup? The foods pretty good, too. The Canyon Skillet is an all-you-can-eat favorite with ribs, pulled pork, ovan-roasted chicken, beef brisket and sides. And my personal favorite is the all-you-can-drink milkshakes.

Kids grabbing a pony
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Bottomless milkshakes and huge straws
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