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Five Things I Miss About Disneyland
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by Doobie Moseley
February 22, 2012
Having left Disneyland for Disney World eight years ago, Doobie tells you the things he misses the most about Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom.
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In 2004, after living near Disneyland and being a regular there for nine years, my family and I moved to the Walt Disney World area and I became a regular here. As someone who loves to experience Disney, living here is a dream. There are so many options that I could do something different every day and not have to repeat for a long, long time. But even with all that I love here, there are some things I miss about having Disneyland in my back yard.  Below, in no particular order, are some of those things.


I love the expansiveness of Walt Disney World. Entering and navigating it is like inhabiting a perfect little city. But at times I miss the compactness of Disneyland. Being able to easily hop between Disneyland or Disney California Adventure to catch a parade or show or eat at a restaurant has its advantages. As does being able to walk to Downtown Disney and all of the hotels. While Walt Disney World has four parks, 2 ½ sections of Downtown Disney and more than a dozen hotels, in any given day you can only realistically experience a small fraction of that. But at the Disneyland Resort you can easily experience your favorite rides and shows at both parks, have lunch at Catal and dinner at the Storyteller Cafe and still have time to do some late night shopping at Downtown Disney. All without seeing a bus or Monorail or going back to your car. There a definitely times when I miss that.

A (compact) map of Disneyland
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An (expansive) map of Walt Disney World
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