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Toon Talk Special: Disney's 50 Most Wanted Villains - Part 2
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Lazy? They would rather sit back and let others do their dirty work or kick back and revel in their ill-gotten gains.


Film: Steamboat Willie (1928)
DVD: Vintage Mickey

Pete has the distinction of not only being the “oldest? villain on this list (he actually predates Mickey Mouse by at least three years), but also the most diverse: beginning with Julius in the Alice Comedies, he was the constant foil for not only Mickey (beginning with Steamboat Willie, where as the steamboat captain he basically makes the mouse do all the work) but also Donald Duck and Goofy over the years.

Final Verdict: Pete eventually settled down for the Goof Troop series and movies, but was back in fine felonious form in House of Mouse.


Films: The Absent-Minded Professor (1961), Son of Flubber (1963) and Herbie Rides Again (1974)
Actor: Keenan Wynn
DVDs: All available separately

What kind of father would bet against his own son’s high school basketball team? That would be Mr. Alonzo P. Hawk, shady financier. When Ned Brainard’s fabulous Flubber wins the game, Hawk swoops in and steals the prof’s flying Model T, in hops of cashing in on Ned’s brilliant invention without lifting so much as a finger.

Quote: (From Son of Flubber, to his son Biff) “Why, if you weren't deductible, I'd disown you.?
Final Verdict: Ned tricks Hawk into trying on a pair of Flubberized shoes, which send him bouncing in the air with no hopes of stopping. He must have eventually, for Hawk returned for more shifty schemes in Son of Flubber and Herbie Rides Again.


Film: A Bug’s Life (1998)
Voice Actor: Kevin Spacey
DVD: Available

In a twisted “bug-eat-bug? take on the fable of The Grasshopper and the Ants, Hooper is the leader of the pack of grasshoppers who force the ant colony to gather food for them while they all party south of the border. He threatens to stomp on any ant that gets in his way, including the inventive Flik, who proves that its not wise to underestimate an ant with high hopes.

Partners in Crime: His brother Molt and the rest of his grasshopper gang.
Quote: “Are you saying I’m stupid? Do I look stupid to you??
Final Verdict: Hopper meets his humiliating end in the hungry beaks of a nest full of baby birds.


Overwhelming anger and/or hate, usually for another race or species, fuel their nefarious schemes and shenanigans.


Film: Mickey and the Beanstalk segment, Fun and Fancy Free (1947)
Voice Actor: Billy Gilbert
DVD: Available

Willie was a simple giant - all he wanted was some companionship in his lonely castle in the sky. Sure, he went about it in the wrong way, stealing the Singing Harp from Happy Valley, thereby plunging it into famine. But to then have his home invaded by three little Jacks, who steal his food and the Harp? Fi indeed.

Gotta Sing-Sing: “Fe Fi Fo Fum?
Quote: “Now for the magic wordies. (Singing) Fe, fi, fo, fum. He, hi, ho, hum. I'm a most amazing guy … ?
Final Verdict: While angrily chasing Mickey and company down the beanstalk, Willie falls to his doom … although there have been subsequent sightings of him in Hollywood, California.


Film: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow segment, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949)
DVD: Available

OK, all you conspiracy theorists out there, try this one on for size: is Brom Bones the Headless Horseman? Think about it: he had the motive (with that spineless Ichabod Crane out of the way, the buxom Katrina von Tassel would be all his) and the opportunity - why else fill the suspicious schoolmaster’s head with ghostly tales on that dark and stormy autumn night?

Partner in Crime: His black stallion, which bears a striking resemblance to Brom’s horse, Gunpowder.
Gotta Sing-Sing: “The Headless Horseman?
Quote: “Ah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaah!?
Final Verdict: With Ichabod gone, Brom marries Katrina. As for the Headless Horseman? Legend has it he still haunts Sleepy Hollow, always on the look out for a “head to chop?.