While plenty of the country had an awful day – from winter weather to severe weather – Mother Nature headed to Central Florida on vacation and bestowed a gorgeous day onto the happiest place on earth and she must have decided to extend her little vacation because the hits keep on coming!

Once again if you wake up really early in the morning to make it to rope drop you may see some fog out there but if that is the worst thing I can say – you aren’t doing too badly at all.  Temperatures will continue their upward trend and make it into the upper 70s today and tomorrow and by the time we get to Thursday highs in the low 80s are not out of the question.  Lows will only dip down into the the upper 50s tomorrow evening and we may not get below 60 Wednesday and Thursday even right before the sun comes up.

Now it’s a bit too early to tell what we can expect for the end of the week as its looking like Friday may get a little dicey – as some showers are now in the forecast.  Temperatures will come down a bit as well but will stay slightly above average into the weekend.

All in all if you live in or are visiting Central Florida make sure you get outside for the rest of America who can’t :-)!