Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary isn’t until November 18th, but like the other fall and winter holidays, decorations are already starting to pop up on store shelves! I discovered a small section of a Target toy aisle set aside for the mouse that started it all and couldn’t resist buying everything I could get my hands on. All three items in this review are from Just Play, who also has a license for the Disney Junior series, Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

Poseable Figures

The most affordable item on the shelf was a Mickey Mouse poseable figure. He comes in three styles: Today’s Mickey, Mouseketeer Mickey, and Steamboat Willie. They retail for $6.99 a piece and are articulated at the neck, arms, wrists, and ankles. The only one left in stock was Steamboat Willie and at 7″ tall, he’s a perfect desk tchotchke for adult collectors in addition to being a nice way to introduce kids to how Mickey got his big break.

Collectible Deluxe Figure Set

The Collectible Deluxe Figure Set offers a chance to collect some of Mickey’s most iconic moments throughout the years. Just Play is selling these same figures in a blind-bag set, but fans who just want to get them all can complete their collection in one purchase with this set, which includes a golden Mickey, presumably from his award-winning Disney Cruise Line stage show. Some of the iconic moments highlighted include Steamboat Willie, Fantasia, and The Mickey Mouse Club in addition to his iconic style changes throughout the years. This 10-piece set retails for $24.99. For the price, I was a little disappointed that one of the figures had a pretty obvious paint flaw and another couldn’t stand on his own. For more details, see the video at the bottom of this post.

Steamboat Willie Feature Plush

My favorite piece on display is a Target exclusive, so you won’t find this one anywhere else. It’s an animated Steamboat Willie plush, like the kind Hallmark stores are famous for. Pressing Mickey’s left hand causes him to bounce up and down and side to side while shaking his wheel to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw” from his original short. To see him in motion, watch the video below.

Just Play also has a collectible line of mini plushes that celebrate Mickey’s most iconic moments, including a box set with all of them, and larger plushes. It’s so fun finding all of the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary merchandise that’s popping up everywhere. Of these pieces, I highly recommend the animated Steamboat Willie plush, a great way to celebrate Mickey’s origin during his 90th celebration.