Most game shows have a similar looking glossy light-up set that feels generic, but not The Big Fib. It’s the new Disney+ game show series where kids get to interview adults to figure out who is telling the truth and who is fibbing. Set inside a steampunk library, this show instantly sets itself apart from any you’ve seen before by looking like it takes place in the mind of a young Jules Verne.

Yvette Nicole Brown hosts The Big Fib with heart, warmth, and humor. You can tell that she loves relating to the kids and also seems equally delighted with the adult guests. Each episode starts with a trial run with an obvious liar, such as a vampire, before progressing to two more realistic subjects.

Yvette is assisted by an emcee who also happens to be a robot. C.L.I.V.E. stands for Computerized Library of Information & Virtual Expert, played by comedian Rhys Darby. He sits at his desk full of buttons, flips, and switches, receiving faxes, finding VHS tapes with footage of the kids to showcase their hobbies, and reminding vampires that robots don’t have any blood.

Kids interview two adults with similar occupations who should be experts on their subjects. What sets the show apart from being a junior version of ABC’s To Tell the Truth is that it’s one interviewer vs two interviewees and they do it in two rounds. First, both adult’s sit side-by-side as the child asks them questions back and forth. Then they have a one-on-one lightning round. When it comes time for the kid to say who is the fibber, each adult stands under a foam machine and the child pushes the button. If they pick the fibber, they get foamed and they win the “Big Fib Trophy,” which is taller than the show’s adult host.

The Big Fib also sprinkles added touches here and there. In the debut episode after an intro with two hair professionals, there’s a short called “Confessions of a Wig” that is hilarious. Another episode featured three “Lie-Kus,” which produce some of the biggest laughs. The concept itself is funny, but there’s added bits of humor inserted here and there.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t love The Big Fib. It’s light, refreshing, and fun. Best of all, it adds some Disney edutainment.

I give The Big Fib 5 out of 5 levers on C.L.I.V.E.’s desk.

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