Lahela is making schmoney, y’all. When a direct deposit error within the hospital leads to Lahela acquiring her check in hand, it's off to the races for a shopping spree. She deserves a treat after all the hard work she has put in, so we can’t even be mad. Even funnier, the episode never discusses how she spends an abundance of cash without her parents' approval. We absolutely must stan confident and approving parentals!

The spending spree turns into a need for a specific type of sneaker which, of all things, leads to a bonding moment between her and her father. Lahela finds her dream shoe through an eBay-esque trading site. Her father, prior to his shaved ice truck, used to be involved with the stock market. They adorn oversized suit jackets and get to trading, which is a hilarious idea of “bonding.” Money is nothing to this family, clearly.

Meanwhile, Clara is trying to infiltrate a hospital basketball game, in hopes to showcase her tenacity on the court and put in a good word for taking over the hospital chief position. Her past includes some incredible moves on the court, so she’s trying to bring that shine back. With help from her two sons, she’s working hard to ensure that she can join the big leagues at the hospital’s weekly game.

Clara has one crutch throughout her training: her basketball sneakers from the 1990s. However, in the thick of buying and trading, Lahela realizes she can make a healthy profit off of the shoe. She takes them without her mothers permission and sells them. Yeah, real solid move.

Clara is stressed to not have her lucky shoes, but her kids do some reverse psychology and flip the lessons she has taught her children back to her. She realizes she’s more than prepared for the game, no shoes necessary. She struts onto the court and eats the other players for breakfast. She absolutely slays it, becoming the far and away highlight of the game. While some find her too “much” for the fun game, her tenacity shines bright and she is invited to talk about the next steps to possibly becoming chief. SUCCESS.

Lahela’s father decides that she needs to step away from the sneaker stock market to understand what’s actually needed in her life. They head to her uncle’s ranch to horseback ride, enjoy the scenery, and receive a breath of fresh air. He tells her that while its admirable she goes hard when coming across a new passion (as she says, it led her to becoming a doctor at 16), it also needs to change based on the activity. There’s no need to go this deep into sneaker trading. Why not put that energy towards mental health, family time, etc. It’s just the talk Lahela needs to refocus and reorganize her life. SUCCESS PART DEUX!

Lab Work Write-Up:

  • How do I get the volume and color of Kai’s hair? As it is sensational.
  • Clara is definitely becoming the show’s best character. Well-rounded, exceptional at her job, and arguably the funniest among a stellar cast. I will accept no other argument at this time.
  • They get to surf and horseback ride? Willy nilly? Will my jealousy ever secede?
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