Watch Daisy Ridley Surprise the Young Star of “The Florida Project” at a Q&A

It was nearly two years ago that many of us fell in love with Daisy Ridley as The Force Awakens opened in theatres. Since then, we’ve watched her sing songs from Mulan, humorously handle pestering by Josh Gad, and will soon see her in The Last Jedi, opening next week. But what makes Ridley so wonderful is the warmth she shows in every interview she gives and appearance she makes — not the mention the role model she’s become thanks to her role as Rey. Last week, Ridley worked her magic once again, surprising a young fan who also happens to be the star of an acclaimed film with Disney ties.

As the Hollywood Reporter shares, seven-year-old Orlando native Brooklynn Prince who plays Moonee in The Florida Project (which was shot in Kissimmee and takes its title from Walt Disney World’s earliest days) recently doing a Q&A for the film when the moderator brought in a surprise guest. Ridley went on to ask Prince about her work in the film, which she seemed to admire. Likewise, Prince shared that she’d like to portray a young Rey in a future Star Wars film. The whole thing is too cute — watch it below:

Well done, Daisy! You can of course catch her in The Last Jedi on December 15th while Brooklynn stars in The Florida Project, now playing in select theatres (you can also check out our interview with the film’s co-writer and producer Chris Bergoch).