“What team?” “Wildcats!” Can you believe it’s been 12 years since the premiere of DCOM High School Musical??? The East High Schoolers have long since graduated, but their memories will live on forever. In honor of the anniversary, Oh My Disney invited High School Musical’s own Corbin Bleu to watch the film with them and share some fun secrets from filming. Bleu, as you’ll surely recall, played basketball player (and fan favorite), Chad Danforth.

Some of the things I learned about the filming of High School Musical thanks to OMDS:

  • Corbin Bleu helped to create Chad’s iconic T-shirts – Corbin collaborated with costume designers to come up with fun phrases for his T-shirts. His favorite saying? I Worship Waffles
  • There were no “small roles” – Each character, no matter how much screen time they had, brought life and energy to movie and the overall effort
  • Kenny Ortega had a “death stare” – If Kenny was deep in thought, you’d better keep your distance
  • Lucas Grabeel hasn’t changed a bit – Corbin runs into some cast mates on a regular basis
  • Corbin’s favorite song is Stick To The Status Quo – Fun to watch, even more fun to film
  • We don’t know what happened to the Wildcats basketball poster – It could be anywhere!

What’s your favorite fun fact about High School Musical?