Marvel is known for their ability to hide Easter Eggs in their work. Whether we’re talking about movies, television series or even video games, Marvel will hide some fun little tidbits for fans to find. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man features one Easter Egg that didn’t turn out to be so fun.

Back in May, Tyler Schultz contacted Insomniac Games to ask a big favor. He wanted his proposal to his girlfriend to be featured in the new game.

The request sparked a conversation that led Insomniac to ask if the proposal could wait until the game’s release date of September 7th. Schultz’s reply was confident.

Unfortunately for Schultz, his confident answer may have also been a jinx. According to a report from Variety, Schultz announced in a since-deleted Youtube video that he and his girlfriend broke up before the release of the game.

Are you ready for the worst part of the whole story? The proposal actually made it into the game!

According to Polygon, Schultz referred to the message as “the saddest Easter Egg” but later added that he was “happy that it’s in the game” and he “just want[s] to see someone get married, through that thing.”

The game’s Art Director Jacinda Chew replied with a now-deleted tweet offering to remove the message or replace it with something else in a patch for the game. There’s been no word on what will happen to the now-infamous proposal Easter Egg or what might replace it.

Yikes. And Spider-Man thought he was having a hard time with relationships. Is this the saddest part of a game about the tragic life of a teenaged superhero? Is it coincidence that Tyler shares the same last name as Spider-Man villain Herman Schultz AKA The Shocker? (Cheesy Cop voice) Spider-Cop can’t afford to believe in coincidence!

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