We know the commercial that has become part of the lexicon. Every Super Bowl (and for a short time, American Idol winners. lololololol.), we see a ring winner uttering those famous four words: “I’m Going to Disney World!” This leads us to a celebratory parade down Main Street, with confetti and fun and photo ops and a cheerful energy that engulfs the parks.

However, why don’t we get more of this? It’s always the Super Bowl, and that is it. I say we deserve more people getting excited over their achievements and their eventual trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Here are some ideas for new commercial and park celebrations:

  • The Oscars air every year on ABC, and their partnership with the Academy will be lasting for a long time in the future. The Oscars and the Super Bowl of film, so why not allow them to celebrate the crazy award season and their incredible art with a parade at Hollywood Studios? Imagine the Best Actor and Actress heading to Orlando following their win, or the Best Picture cast waving on the mirror castle float (’cause, of COURSE they’ll use that) down Main Street? A celebration of movies and fun! I mean, if they’re lazy, they can even go to Disneyland. It’s a shorter drive. Now, this can continue with other award shows: Emmys (I want a Stranger Things cast ticker-tape parade more than I want a college degree, honestly), Grammys, Tonys (with full choreo down the street). It would celebrate entertainment in a super fun way.
  • I feel like these ads and this idea only celebrates football players. I would love various winners from the Olympics to make the trek to Florida as the two weeks of competition go on. The commercials can air all the time, as various events and competitors end their time at the games and head back to the states. They could have a much larger group of people than just three people off one team. They could have an entire parade of just Olympics winners. February 2018 we have the Winter Olympics, so imagine speed skaters, snowboarders, curlers, ice skaters, and more creating an entire multi-float parade of Olympians!
  • Viral Videos have made for AFV’s irrelevance on television, but allowed social media sites to flourish. Since people in these videos have a “limited shelf life,” and so do these Disney commercials, why no combine the two? Imagine the “Damn, Daniel” kids being in a Disney Parks commercial the day after the video full goes viral and them being at the parks for a photo-op by the end of the week. That’s a Buzzfeed article waiting to happen. I would suggest some more options, but all I can think of is Miss. “HOW ‘BOUT DAH?!” She’s probably not in the best head space at the moment, but there are bound to be others.

With such a recognizable advertisement, they should really be utilizing it more. Post in the comments your ideas for ways to get people stoked to scream “I’m Going to Disney World!”



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