Toy Fair 2017: Jakks Pacific – Tsum Tsum, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars and more!

Tangled: The Series

Tangled: The Series debuts next month on Disney Channel and I’m pretty excited about it. Jakks Pacific is really focusing on pretend play with this series and all of these products will be available this fall. This is Rapunzel’s bow and arrow set, which comes with three arrows with suction cup ends. They all fit inside the included quiver and can be shot with the themed and detailed bow.

Rapunzel’s Secret Journal comes with an invisible ink pen, which is only visible under black light. The included crystal provides the right kind of rays to see the ink later. This top-secret journal also features secret compartments to hide small objects and the lock of Rapunzel’s hair can be used as a bookmark.

This prototype of Rapunzel’s Adventure Bag will offer kids the ability to customize their bag with some included charms. The 7 included charms are Rapunzel’s journal, Pascal, frying pan, flower, lanter, feather, and sun. It’s big enough to hold the aforementioned journal, but could also be used as a way to keep the following set together.

This Adventure Figurine Set comes with 5 figures, including Rapunzel, her parents, Eugene (aka Flynn Rider), and Maximus. A dress and tiara set will also be available this fall, following the style guide from the new series.

Disney Princess

Jakks Pacific’s collection of large Disney Princess dolls will be expanding this fall to include Mulan and Pocahontas for the first time ever. Is there anything cuter than Pocahontas’ little moccasins?

In addition to the dolls, dresses for Mulan and Pocahontas will be joining the current collection of dress up items. These outfits mirror Disney’s recently updated style guide for the timeless princess characters.

A new interactive Rapunzel doll will also join the collection this fall. Glow N’ Style Rapunzel is a battery operated doll whose hair actually glows. She sings “I See the Light” and has 17 phrases. She also comes with a removable tiara, 5 hair clips, a brush and a Pascal hair clip.

I came to New York City on a red eye flight and was pretty red eyed myself the entire weekend, so I just about drolled all over this pretend-play Disney Princess single-serve coffee maker. It’s all part of a new modern and contemporary collection of pretend play items. Kids can be just like grown ups, but still live in a Disney fairytale with these rose gold finished toys. The coffee maker will be part of a bigger kitchen set and the empty cases next to it contained a mix of hair and makeup products, including a hairdryer that really blows air. The contents of these two cases had been emptied into…

… the Disney Princess Travel Vanity. The lights around the mirror are LEDs and the case has legs it can stand on when your little one isn’t on the go. All of the cosmetic products are just make-believe, so they can put as much fake eyeshadow on as they like without actually becoming a painted lady. Another product in this line is so hysterically cute. Your kids can be just like mommy with this cellphone wristlet, with space for included car keys and chip-activated Visa cards.


Marvel Studios has two very exciting films coming out this summer, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. As part of Jakks Pacific’s Extreme Performance Vehicles (XPV) series, there will be new products from each of these two films.

Rock ‘n Roll Groot grooves to the beat, tilting his head and arms and spinning on his base. In the event that he tips over, he is capable of getting back up. And owners can play with him in two different ways. Using the retro cassette tape remote, you can move Groot on your own and play the song “Flashlight.” In Listen Mode, Groot can listen to any song you play (for example, the entire Awesome Mix Vol. 2) and can make up his own dance moves. You can also make him say “I am Groot” four different ways.

The Spider-Man Web Striker isn’t just a remote controlled car. Using the remote, kids can fire the included web at Spidey’s greatest foes. The web can be deployed while breaking or spinning and is able to extend to three feet out. Best of all, you can clean up the web by driving off, which causes it to retract back into the vehicle.

Star Wars

We end our tour of Jakks Pacific’s booth with a look at a galaxy far, far away. The recurring theme of Toy Fair when talking to any Star Wars licensee is “We have a lot of stuff that we can’t show you.” With Lucasfilm’s tight lips regarding anything related to The Last Jedi, Jakks was only able to show a representation of their current products, which includes items from The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Their current line of products includes Big-Figs of heroes, villains and droids.

That’s a wrap on Jakks Pacific’s booth from Toy Fair 2017. To see more Disney related content from this year, be sure to check out all of our Toy Fair coverage.

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