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LP Lotion: Hong Kong Disneyland Line
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Posted August 9, 2005

HKDL Resort Line

On 1 August 2005 MTR the Hong Kong mass transit operator opened the new Disneyland Resort Line which is the first dedicated metro line to a Disney theme park. A special link from Sunny Bay (and the Tung Chung line) on Lantau Island speeds guests to the front gates in just a few minutes. The trains feature Mickey Mouse portholes giving guests the opportunity to see the new recreation lake (Inspiration Lake) at the edge of the resort on their way to the Disneyland Station. The cars are remarkably similar to those found of the Tokyo Disney Resort Liner (although theirs is an elevated pseudo-monorail concept) with minimal seating and open connection between the cars. In the middle of each car is a display case with a bronze sculpture of a famous Disney character. The flexible connections between cars feature giant framed photographs of Walt with his trains.
The arrival hall at the Disneyland Station has numerous Mickey motifs and echoes the Victorian architecture reminiscent of Disneyland Park in Paris. The station spills out into an esplanade between the bus station and the park itself. Guests are immediately greeted by a giant archway featuring a proud Mickey and the words "Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort".
Beyond the Welcome sign guests are funneled into a stunning fountain courtyard in front of the main gates. The fountain is embedded in a starfish-type formation which is actually the official flower of Hong Kong namely the Bauhinia. Mickey is at the center riding his surfboard atop the blowhole of a friendly whale. At each point of the flower another member of the Fab Six is also engaged in an aquatic enterprise. Pluto is being playfully teased by fish (squirting the cowardly dog), Goofy is jet-skiing (although with little apparent comfort!), Minnie proudly displays her beach ball, Donald is looking particularly angry about his sunken boat and Daisy is preparing for an Olympic-quality dive. The entire fountain is also choreographed to music and is spectacular at night.
The fountain itself is to sit at the entrance to both planned parks at the Resort although of course only Hong Kong Disneyland is ready to greet its first official guests on 12 September 2005. The final exit from the fountain courtyard leads to the Disneyland Resort Pier and the two Disney Hotels. A series of courtyards fill the esplanade with the only other one that is currently accessible to guests being themed to that of a Moorish design with extensive tile work. 
Join us for future Hong Kong Disneyland updates as we explore the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Hollywood Hotel and Hong Kong Disneyland itself. As the advertisements currently planning all over the territory exclaim "We're ready for the magic to begin, are you?"

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