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Mr. Toad's Enchanted Evening- A Report
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by Rebekah Moseley
October 29, 1999
On October 28th Disneyland held a Mr. Toad Enchanted Evening with merchandise, food, fun and an auction. Read our report of the evening's activities.

The Merchandise

toadportrait.jpg (15518 bytes)

On October 28, 1999, 250 Mr. Toad fans and Disney collectors, having paid their $100 each, gathered for "An Enchanted Evening". Beginning at 8:00 p.m. guests browsed the merchandise available for the evening that was set up around Carnation Plaza Gardens. Each guest was given a form listing the available merchandise, its edition size and cost. Guests were limited in the number of the various items they could purchase. Upon completing the form, guests turned it into a cast member who confirmed the information. The items were packaged for pickup on Main Street at the conclusion of the evening's activities. Also available during this time were Tony Baxter, Vice President Creative Development and Theresa Miller, artist. Unfortunately Disney Legend John Hench, originally scheduled to attend, was not in attendance for the evening's activities.

weathervanepin.jpg (12217 bytes)
Weathervane Pin comes in a small tin.
limited edition 1000 ($14)

librarylitho.jpg (21440 bytes)
Numerous pieces of fine art were available for purchase

clothing.jpg (12476 bytes)
Leather jacket with
embroidered Toad Coat of Arms,
T-shirt with Toad as Blue Boy on back Toad's Wild Ride embroidered in grey on front
(Jacket $195. T-Shirt $20)

jacketback.jpg (9835 bytes)
Mr. Toad Coat of Arms embroidered on leather jacket back features Disneyland zipper pull and "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" embroidered on left side
limited 250

watch.jpg (11851 bytes)
The watch,
limited edition 250 ($75 - sold out)

watchbox.jpg (19345 bytes)
The watchbox

eticket.jpg (13426 bytes)
Special Mr. Toad's edition of the E-Ticket ($9)

Other merchandise available at the event included:

  • Giclee Lithograph by John Hench, limited to an edition size of 250, signed, numbered and framed for $395
  • "Toad Tapesty" Lithograph designed by John Kavelin. Depicts the story of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. This image is currently located on the wall of the load area of the attraction. Edition size of 125, unframed $150. edition size of 125, framed $350.

As of October 29, many of these items were still available by calling (800) 760-3566. One notable item that was already sold out was the watch. Annual passholder discounts and American Express minimum purchase discounts were available at the event.

Art2.jpg (17469 bytes)
Giclee Lithograph by John Hench
Art1.jpg (19683 bytes)
"Toad Tapestry" by John Kavelin


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