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  Disneyland: Historical (20 sites)

This category contains sites that cover the rich history of Disneyland.

  1. 1970's Disneyland  Rating: 3 out of 4   Community Member
    Many pictures of Disneyland from the 1970s.
    Categories: DL:Historical, DL:Pictures

  2. Disney Dreamer  Rating: 3 out of 4   Community Member
    Some unusual pictures of Disneyland - Space Mountain with lights on, Jungle Cruise rehab, etc. Plus some historical and other little-known information.
    Categories: DL:Historical, DL:Pictures

  3. Disney Paper Resource Center  Rating: 3 out of 4   Community Member
    Disneyland , Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland History on Paper. Guide Books, Maps,.
    Categories: DL:Historical, WDW:Historical, OD:Tokyo Disneyland, Coll:Misc.

  4. Disneyland Presents America Sings  Rating: 4 out of 4   Community Member
    Concept art, pictures, audio and video from the America Sings.
    Categories: DL:Attractions, DL:Historical

  5. Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth!  Rating: 4 out of 4   Community Member
    by Chris Wingert
    Descriptions of all the lands, attractions, shows (including a whole page for Light Magic) and guest services. There are lots of MIDI files in this sectoin. A good page (with pictures) on Disneyland from conception to opening day. A wonderful section on the music of Disney including its history and the music of the parks. There's also a Save the Tiki Room page which has a descriptions, pictures and sounds from Tiki!.
    Categories: DL:Guide, DL:Historical

  6. Pictorial Guide to Disneyland Pictorial Guides  Rating: 3 out of 4   Community Member
    by Alastair Dallas
    Pictures of the covers of Disneyland's souvenir pictorial guides from 1955 to the present.
    Categories: DL:Historical, DL:Pictures

  7. Bucky LaRue's Disney Pages  Rating: 3 out of 4
    A few Walt Disney World pictures and eight complete historical Disneyland guide books.
    Categories: DL:Historical, WDW:Pictures

  8. Devoland's Your guide to Disneyland  Rating: 4 out of 4
    A trip around Disneyland and through its history via pictures in the souvenir pictorials.
    Categories: DL:Guide, DL:Historical, DL:Pictures

  9. Disneyland History  Rating: 4 out of 4
    by Dennis Caswell
    Disneyland timeline, interactive trivia quizzes and attraction scripts.
    Categories: DL:Historical
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  10. Disneyland Is My Backyard  Rating: 3 out of 4
    This wonderful site has pictures and information on an often forgotten period in Disneyland's history, the 80s. There are pages on Blast to the Past, the opening of Star Tours, State Fair Days and more!.
    Categories: DL:Historical

  11.  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Disney company timeline. Stories about Walt and the Disney company. Walt pictures. Disneyland pictures.
    Categories: DL:Pictures, Misc:Walt Disney, DL:Historical

  12. Kimmy's Disneyland Konnection  Rating: 2 out of 4
    Disneyland news, historical merchandise and Club 33 pictures and information.
    Categories: DL:Attractions, DL:Historical, DL:News

  13. Mouse Pad  Rating: 3 out of 4
    Disneyland guidebooks from 1955 (some years are missing). Included are pictures of the cover, the text inside the book and some other pictures from the book.
    Categories: DL:Historical

  14. Net Disney  Rating: 3 out of 4
    by Steve Marshal
    General information on Walt Disney and animted film. A Disneyland quiz, chat and message board.
    Categories: DL:Historical, Misc:Walt Disney, Ani:Early Movies

  15. Once Upon a Time in Anaheim  Rating: 3 out of 4
    Stories and history for many of Disneyland's lands and attractions.
    Categories: DL:Historical, DL:Secrets

  16. Ryan's Monorail Café  Rating: 2 out of 4
    Pictures of the now-closed Monorail Café at the Disneyland Hotel
    Categories: DL:Restaurants, DL:Historical

  17.  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Disney history, feature articles, columns, trivia, pictures and much more in a very attractive site.
    Categories: DL:Historical, WDW:Historical, DL:News, Misc:Misc.

  18.  Rating: 4 out of 4
    by Richard
    Some great then and now pictures. A few Disneyland trivia questions. A very well cross referenced timeline and attraction guide. The attraction guide includes the history of the attraction with links to the relavant section of the timeline. The attraction guide also has links for relavant articles (an amazing collection) about the attractions.
    Categories: DL:Historical

  19. Yensid Library  Rating: 4 out of 4
    A huge database of Disney information, including Disneyland. It's organized like a database, not like a normal website, so getting used to the navigation can be tricky, but trust me, it's worth it.
    Categories: DL:Historical, WDW:Historical, Misc:Walt Disney

  20. Yesterland  Rating: 4 out of 4
    by Werner Weiss
    A tribute to Disneyland attractions, shows and shops that have gone away over the years. Also "Yester Memories" which contain reader memories of their visits to Disneyland long ago.
    Categories: DL:Historical
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