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  Walt Disney World: Entertainment (3 sites)

This category contains sites concentrating on the WDW parades, shows, etc.

  1. Disney World Magic  Rating: 4 out of 4
    Walt Disney World regularly updated news, pictures and sounds.
    Categories: WDW:News, WDW:Attractions, WDW:Entertainment, WDW:Guide, WDW:Pictures

  2. Scott's Page: Disneyland  Rating: 3 out of 4
    by Scott Campbell
    Collection of articles and picture on the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade including the final parade.
    Categories: DL:Computer Tools, WDW:Entertainment

  3. Walt Disney World Entertainment  Rating: 3 out of 4
    by Steve Soares
    Walt Disney World Guide, Info, Pictures.
    Categories: WDW:Entertainment, WDW:Guide, WDW:Pictures, WDW:Magic Kingdom, WDW:Epcot, DL:News, WDW:Animal Kingdom

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