Land of the Rising Mickey - Aug 9, 2001

Land of the Rising Mickey
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Mediterranean Harbor

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The entrance of the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.
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The stunningly beautiful and very massive Hotel MiraCosta simply can not be separated out from the Porto Paridiso side of Mediterranean Harbor. It provides the backdrop, literally, for the quaint Italian village. But in this article I'm focusing on the areas and their attractions.

MiraCosta will receive extensive coverage of its own in the near future, here at

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A portion of Porto Paridiso/MiraCosta's Mediterranean Harbor facing side
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Porto Paradiso

I see architecture that is Italian to the hilt. I can't read the signs because they're all written in Italian. I hear Italian music playing throughout the area. The stunningly convincing Trompe L'oeil facades of an Italian village stretch out to either side of me. In the distance I see Ponte Vecchio Bridge. I walk down a side street and find myself surrounded by even more elaborate Italian architecture, the buildings lining a system of canals that are alive with gondola traffic.

I would think I was in Italy if it weren't for one thing - Italy simply isn't this nice.

Palazzo Canals

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Palazzo Canals
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I feel this area, with its many replicas of actual Venetian buildings, is simply exquisite.  The attention to detail... both artistic and historic...

I'm taken aback the incredible care that went into it's creation. I feel its beauty and quiet charm deserve as much time as one can possibly give it.  This is easily one of my favorite places in DisneySea.

Venetian Gondolas

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Boarding at Isola del Gondoliere (Island of the Gondolier), guests ride authentically styled Italian gondolas through Canale dell'Ammore (Canal of Love), which recreates the ambiance of Venice, then Canale del Lido (Lido Canal), where they pass under scenic bridges and get unique views of Porto Paridiso, Explorers' Landing, and Mt. Prometheus volcano, before returning to Canale dell'Ammore and Isola del Gondoliere.

When the two gondoliers aren't intent on navigation (no motors or tracks here), they spend their time hamming it up for the guests, but not so much as to detract from the stunning atmosphere of the area.

Ride this if you're feeling romantic or just want a relaxing break from the excitement.

Note: Closes at dusk and during the Porto Paradiso Water Carnival.

Facts at a Glance

Attraction Time: Approx. 11 minutes
Capacity: 16 passengers per vessel
Number of Gondolas: 10 vessels
Length of Gondola: Approx. 33 feet
Length of Route: Approx. 1050 feet