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Land of the Rising Mickey
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Transit Steamer Line

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With a design based on the small steamers found on the lakes and waterways of the northeastern United States in the late 1800s, the 12 ship fleet plies its way in a clockwise direction between three docks located along DisneySea's circular waterway.

Mediterranean Harbor's dock is accented with barrels of wine and olive oil, Cape Cod's is a wharf-side cannery, and Lost River Delta's is a thatched roofed, two story structure of "rusted" corrugated metal and weathered wood.

An interesting feature of the docks is their floating guest loading areas, which insure that whatever the water level (Tokyo has a pretty wild rainy season), they'll always be at the most convenient and safe height for embarking and disembarking passengers.

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The steamers travel four routes -
Mediterranean Harbor to Lost River Delta (approx. 3300 ft.)
American Waterfront to Lost River Delta (approx. 2100 ft)
Lost River Delta to Mediterranean Harbor (approx. 1800 ft.)
Lost River Delta to American Waterfront (approx. 4600 ft.).

The ride is the beautifully picturesque and leisurely cruise one would expect. The ships themselves are great, with an interesting design and the highest quality wood and brass fixtures, perfectly matched to their turn of the previous century time period.

The number of ships and their high capacity make for fast moving lines.

Tip: Although each leg of the journey offers its own outstanding sights, the passengers seated to port on the trips which depart from Lost River Delta receive an especially impressive view as they travel past Arabian Coast and through Mysterious Island Caldera.

Note: This attraction does not operate during the Porto Paradiso Water Carnival and DisneySea Symphony.

Facts at a Glance

Attraction Time: An average of approx. 7 minutes for each route
Capacity: 49 passengers per vehicle
Number of Steamers: 12 vessels (five colors: red, black and navy, light blue, green, and yellow)
Length of Steamer: Approx. 50 feet