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Land of the Rising Mickey
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American Waterfront

New York

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S.S. Columbia and tug
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This place is not a "movie set".  In order to create an authentic and convincing 1912 environment, everything from the massive and elegant S.S. Columbia, to the area's buildings, wharfs, bridges, and ships was researched through the study of what few actual examples remain, and through the use of archival photos and diagrams. 

Once the designs were settled on and construction completed, it was time to "age" these structures.  Aging is a long and subtle process that had its ironic aspect due to the area's close proximity to the harsh effects of Tokyo Bay.  Artificial rust, moss, salt stains, and even bird droppings were quite deliberately placed throughout the area, particularly along its shoreline.

I feel the skillful ability to convincingly age what environments require is one of the best examples of why Walt Disney Imagineering has traditionally maintained an edge over the competition.

And, you know, when I stood in the right place, a place where only New York could be seen, with the trolley clanking over-head, and the wonderfully drawn advertising posters completing the picture, I could for a moment believe I was there in 1912.

DisneySea Electric Railway

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This trolley system offers a quaint albeit, quick, trip from American Waterfront to Port Discovery and back (All guests must disembark at each station). Its outward facing seats afford an outstanding view of the park and Tokyo Bay. I found the great weight of the old-style trolleys to be evident during the ride. It added to their authentic feel and helped make up for their automatic doors and air tight, air conditioned interiors, which are a necessity due to the area's hot summers and cold winters.

Some may disagree with me, but I feel the metal on metal screech of the trolleys as they round their turn in New York adds some appropriate atmosphere to the area.

Facts at a Glance

Ride Time: Approx. 2 min. 30 sec.
Capacity: 44 passengers per train
Number of Trains: 2 trains of 2 cars each
Length of Route: Approx. 1575 feet

Big City Vehicles

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Guests ride in a variety of authentically themed 1912 style vehicles along four routes to three stops in American Waterfront/Cape Cod.

Facts at a Glance

Approx. Ride Time and Route Distance: McDuck Plaza to Hudson River Docks: 2 min. 30 sec. 160 feet
Hudson River Docks to Cape Cod:
5 min 20 sec. 1300 feet
Hudson River Docks to Cape Cod:
4 min. 100 feet
Hudson River Docks to McDuck Plaza: 4 min. 920 feet
Vehicle Type, Number,
and Capacity:
(each vehicle has 1 driver)
Town Car: 2 vehicles, 8 passengers
There is 1 of each remaining vehicle and they each seat 9 passengers -
Police Wagon, Delivery Truck, and the "Gotham Tours" bus
Max. Speed: Approx. 3 mph

From New York it's a short walk across the Hudson River Bridge and right up the eastern seaboard to -

Cape Cod

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Take a leisurely stroll along Cape Cod's Pequod street and soak up the quaint atmosphere of this truly charming authentic recreation of a New England fishing village. Be sure to go up the stairs at Hurricane Point Lighthouse for a great view of S.S. Columbia.

Cap Cod is a stop for the Transit Steamer Line.

I found that the area at sunset was especially attractive and really very relaxing. 

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