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Land of the Rising Mickey
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Magic Lamp Theater

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The show begins outside the theater, in a "tent" designed in the cartoon style of Aladdin. The Animatronic Bekheet the Cobra coyly peeks his head out of a large basket in the center of the room. When he feels enough people have gathered, he make his real appearance and, with the aid of several appropriately framed projection screens, tells the tale of Shaban and his rise from poverty to become "the Greatest Magician in the World."

When the story concludes, guests then head into the theater, 3-D glasses in hand, to view a performance by Shaban and his trusty assistant (but in "reality" - victim), Asim.

The two human actors played a surprisingly large role in the show and there was an awful lot of slap-stick comedy between them, as well as some interplay with an audience member. Although the dialogue was mainly lost on me because it was, of course, in Japanese, the show relies so much on physical comedy that I still found it entertaining. Once Genie makes his appearance all heck breaks lose anyway and it matters even less what language the show is in.

I should also mention that the 3-D effects are far and away the clearest I've seen (which isn't well represented by the picture above).

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Facts at a Glance

Attraction Time: Approx. 9 min. 30 sec.
Theater Capacity: Approx. 320 persons

Caravan Carousel

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The first two level carousel in a Disney park, and housed under the largest dome in Arabian Coast, this attraction is one of the artistic highlights of the park, both inside and out. With 126 finely detailed figures based on everything from mythical griffins to Genie from Aladdin, and 16 wonderful painting on its upper level depicting various scenes from the Arabian Nights tales, even if you don't plan on riding it, I recommend at least getting a good look at it.

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Facts at a Glance

Ride Time: Approx. 2 min. 30 sec.
Capacity: 190 persons
Height of Building: Approx. 60 feet
Number of Ride Units: 126 figures
Diameter of the Carousel: Approx. 56 feet


Keep an eye on for more in the near future on the marine dream (thanks JR) officially know as Tokyo DisneySea Park.

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