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Tarzan's Treehouse
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The description of Tarzan's Treehouse is taken directory from Disney press materials. It has been interspursed with photographs taken of the Treehouse taken by LaughingPlace.com. The captions are also by LaughingPlace.com. Following the tour are pictures of the new windows on Main Street depecting the Tarzan story and pictures of the new Tarzan walk-around characters.

The tale of Tarzan comes alive in Tarzan's Treehouse, a towering treetop home where guests experience the legend and meet the characters from Disney's newest animated motion picture Tarzan. The "climb-through" adventure unfolds in an 80-foot-tall tree that overlooks the famed Jungle Cruise attraction and all of Adventureland

bookA.JPG (17697 bytes)
Open books are used throughout the Treehouse to explain
the story. This one reads:
Welcome! Tarzan and I in invite you to explore our
home-in-the-trees and discover it's secrets and adventures
Jane --

After climbing a wooden staircase made of salvaged items from a shipwreck, guests cross a suspension bridge to reach the jungle treehouse, which is cloaked in moss and vines. Tarzan's companion Jane, an avid artist, has left pages of her sketchbook along the pathway, providing insights and key information to visitors along the way.

bridge2.JPG (32015 bytes)
The suspension bridge leading from the entrance
tree to the main treehouse