Tarzan's Treehouse, Walk Through 6

Tarzan's Treehouse
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Along with Tarzan's Treehouse, the new movie has made its mark on Disneyland in at least two other ways. There are now Tarzan, Jane and Terk walk-around characters at the park.

tarzantreebase.JPG (27311 bytes)
Tarzan at the base of the Treehouse


jane2.JPG (31662 bytes)
Jane in the camp


tarzanjane2.JPG (30029 bytes)
Tarzan and Jane on a vine

janeterk.JPG (24726 bytes)
Terk and Jane


In addition, the Emporium windows, which always show scenes from the latest Disney animated features, have been updated with scenes from Tarzan. Below are scenes from two of the five windows.

babywindow.JPG (17395 bytes)
Window one features a wiggling baby
Tarzan and his new mother, Kala


elephanthairwindow.JPG (28730 bytes)
Window two features a young
Tarzan trying to fit in