Toon Talk: Tangled - Nov 29, 2010

Toon Talk: Tangled
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In addition to being Disney�s 50th animated feature (didn�t they stop counting them?), Tangled is also Disney�s first computer animated fairy tale, as well as their first musical in the medium. However,Tangled�s most disappointing feature is the lackluster songs by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater, which are serviceable at best, forgettable on the whole. Only the requisite love song �I See the Light� stands out, mostly due to its creative staging.

On the plus side, the computer animation is warmer and more flowing then usual, and the humor is easy-going, if not exactly guffaw-inducing. The film will appeal mostly to its target audience of tots and their families, even if they�ve seen a lot of Disney�s other princess outings.

Tangled also best describes the behind the scenes situations that occurred during the making of the film. For example, original director Glen Keane (the ace animator behind such iconic Disney characters as Ariel, the Beast and Aladdin) was replaced by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, who co-created the equally pedestrian Bolt (Keane does retain an executive producer credit). Also, the presumably more tween friendly Moore took over the Rapunzel vocals from Emmy and Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth� one can only imagine the possibilities if they had kept this out-of-the-box casting choice, teamed with, say, Nathan Fillion as Flynn.

Sadly, it appears that whenever a hard choice was to be made with Tangled, they took the safe one. Considering the unique creativity Disney brought to another fairy tale, The Princess and the Frog, just last year, Tangled feels like a step backward.

Toon Talk Ratings: B-

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-- Posted November 29, 2010

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