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LP Lotion: Team Possible at Epcot
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Posted August 21, 2006

Last Friday my brother and sister and I were able to try the new Team Possible interactive in-park adventure game at Epcot. Team Possible is something new from the Research and Development department at Walt Disney Imagineering. It's a little difficult to explain what iit is, but I'll do my best.

To start the experience teams go to the Canada Pavilion to get their Kimmunicator which is a modified cell phone. Wade and other Kim Possible characters use that to communicate with the players letting them know where they need to go next. Usually this is in the form of a clue and a picture. Take your Kimmunicator to the location and something cool usually happens there (see pictures and video below for some examples). That then leads you to another clue and location until ultimately you defeat the villain. Clues can take you into shops, attraction lobbies or the exterior areas of the pavilions.

It ends up working like a scavenger hunt but it's not a competition - while you'll see other teams playing, you're not competing with them in any way. Our experience took just over 90 minutes and took place in the France and UK Pavilions with a finale in the Imagination Pavilion. The clues aren't very difficult but they are fun. If you do have trouble there is a help button on the Kimmunicator that leads you right to the location.

If you'd like to try out Team Possible, it's scheduled to continue testing for the next few weeks. Look for the people with clipboards or the table near Leave a Legacy first thing in the morning and sign up for a time. Of course, with any test like this, it may not be running on any given day or it could be stopped at any time.

Warning: The info below and the pictures and video contain spoilers. If you plan on trying to experience Team Possible, you won't want to read. It's much more fun to discover on your own.

My three favorite parts of Team Possible:

After looking through an antique camera at the Eiffel Tower, your Kimmunicator tells you to "say fromage" then a picture of your group is taken and instantly sent to your Kimmunicator for viewing.

At one point you have to go into the tea shop in the UK and say "Danger is my cup of tea" to one of the Cast Members to receive a tea bag that helps you solve a clue.

Also in the UK, you'll have to find a toy soldier that will give you info to help you on your way. The 3 feet tall soldier behind one of the outdoor display windows holds a conversation with the team.

You start here, inside the Hotel of Canada.
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Get your briefing and your Kimmunicator...
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...and of you go.
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Your Kimmunicator
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Follow the clues to the bookstore and...
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