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by Kim Petersen (archives)
December 6, 2002
Kim looks at all the Disneyland holiday merchandise.

Just Hear Those Cash-Wraps Jingling - Ring-Ting-Tingleing Too!
Come On! It’s Lovely Weather For A DLR Holiday Merchandise Update For You!

Sorry about that it, but, it seems that the holiday spirit - and some really good Egg-Nogg - is upon me and there is just so much wonderful merchandise to let you see that I took a bit of license with an old holiday standard. I really like the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. Believe… In Holiday Magic in the skies, a hot cup of cinnamon-spiced caramel apple cider to sip and the shopping - well, it’s like all of the questionable merchandise decisions of the year are forgiven as one truly wonderful and inspired line of merchandise follows another onto the shelves and racks across the resort.

The Fab 5 logo art merchandise is very cute and I love both the color and vibrancy of the character-driven lines and the style and subtlety of the Victorian-themed Mickey & Minnie Mistletoe Kiss merchandise. Pooh and Friends fans may have to take out a loan for all of the “must have? beary-cute merchandise available. There are ornaments for everyone in almost every style, color or character - some cute stocking-stuffers and great small gifts to be found. Pins and plush and toys and mugs and elongated coins and sweatshirts and games - oh my! There is also a line of truly tasty Holiday-themed goodies available in case you get hungry while shopping your way from park to park and from one end of Downtown Disney to the other.

Is it all collectable - NO! But it doesn’t need to be. Some is and that’s fine with me. I can’t say that I have much of a holiday nature in my collection. The elongated coins from a few years back - a mini-bean-bag plush or two (or three or four or twelve) - a sweatshirt - maybe a pin or twenty - a cap - just some stuff that I wear at the park when the temperature is closer to 40 than to 90. I think that I would still have most of it even if Mickey weren’t on any of it and I wasn’t much for the Holidays. I like event specific, dated, logo intense, character-driven merchandise and the holiday lines are all of those - and more.

In no particular order - ‘cause that wouldn’t make sense - here we go!

Note: Most of the merchandise shown on the following pages is available at The LaughingPlace Store.