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Memories of NFFC
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by Rebekah Moseley
August 18, 1999
To go along with this month's Forever Magical, Rebekah brings you pictures and memories from July's NFFC convention.

To go along with this month's Forever Magical column, Rebekah has created this pictorial recap of the 1999 NFFC convention held last July at the Anaheim Hyatt. For more information on the NFFC, visit the Official NFFC website.

Randy Thornton Walt Disney Records
Randy Thornton discusses the
joys and frustrations of digitally restoring Disney classic soundtracks.


Walt Disney Records
Randy illustrated the method of cleaning up old, scratchy recordings.


Broggie Carolwood Pacific
Michael Broggie, son of Disney Imagineer Roger Broggie, shared his memories of Walt Disney and his hobby of miniature steam railroading. He also showed a video of Ward Kimball.


Disney animation restoration
A panel from Disney's Animation Research Library discussed the process of preserving - and in some cases restoring - Disney's vast art collection. They estimate their inventory at over 15 million pieces. 

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