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MEV Vacation Tips: Touring the Disney Dream
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by Jo Vagos, Member of the MouseEarVacations.com Team (archives)
January 20, 2011
Jo takes you on an early tour of Disney's newest cruise ship, the Disney Dream.
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As you may know, the Disney Cruise Lines newest ship is docked at Port Canaveral, ready to start transporting guests to the Bahamas. Although the official maiden voyage is January 26th, the ship has been open to special preview tours and sailings. I was given the opportunity to tour this magnificent ship along with four other agents, and here are just a few of the things we learned during our tour:

The first thing you will notice is the Disney Dreams size. It is 40% larger and two decks taller than the Magic and the Wonder, so it is pretty big! In addition to the new parking garage, Disney has also changed the terminal a bit to accommodate the larger number of guests.

Breathtaking. That is the only word that can even begin to describe your entry into the atrium. The size, the elegance, the sweeping grand staircase, and the gorgeous chandelier all work together to leave guests speechless. Forget what youve heard or seen in photosyou must experience this firsthand to get the full effect of its beauty. Admiral Donald stands proudly near the grand piano, and the winding staircase is sure to make an impressive backdrop for family photos!

As with all things Disney, the attention to detail throughout the ship is beyond any expectations. As we were touring, I overheard one cast member say that it might not be the largest ship afloat, but it most certainly is among the most expensive. No expense is spared when it comes to making this ship one of the finest at sea!

Many people know about the anchor design on the carpeting of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonderand how it helps guests figure out which direction they are facing. Well, the Disney Dream is no different. The carpets show a map of the worlda globe, if you will. If you can see the image right side up, then you are facing forward. If you see the image upside down, then you are facing the aft (rear) of the ship. On the map itself, you will see four small ships. One cast member explained to us that these ships represent each of the four Disney ships: the Disney Wonder on the west coast, the Disney Magic and Disney Dream in the Caribbean, and the Disney Fantasy in Germany (where it is currently being built). Furthermore, the nautical flags above and below the image spell out the words Disney Dream. Amazing, huh?

Of course, one of the most popular features on the Disney Dream will be the AquaDuck water coaster. You will need to climb a few flights of stairs to reach the boarding area, and the floats seat two passengers, b`ut it will be well worth the wait! During our tour, we saw two people ride the AquaDuck over and over and over againthey said they never tired of the thrill! The coaster is not too fast, but moves at a decent speed. Luckily, the landing is smooth, and it is well paddedjust in case someone comes flying down the chute.

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The dining areas are also wonderfully designed. Enchanted Garden is designed to look like the gardens at Versailles in France, and its centerpiece is a fountain topped with cupid Mickey! The booths on either side of the center aisle can be rotated to face the center or the buffet stations, depending on the meal. Royal Palace is an elegant restaurant featuring the Disney princesses. The main chandelier looks like a half pumpkin with miniature Cinderella glass slippers. There are also intricate mosaics and portraits of the princesses (and their princes) throughout the restaurant. Cabanas is the self-serve buffet restaurant. But this is no ordinary buffet! With nine different food areas, numerous drink stations and spacious seating areas, you can tell that a lot of thought went into the improvement of the usual buffet standards.

For adults, Remy and Palo are the ultimate in elegance. Both offer private dining rooms for larger groups. The room in Remys offers finer details, including a footstool for ladies to place their handbags. You may notice the large Gs in the plush carpetingthis is to honor Gusteau, the famous chef form the movie Ratatouille. The backs of the chairs also feature an homage to Remy. In Palo, notice the mosaics made from tiny glass beads. The Chihuly chandelier alone would make this restaurant a must-see! In both restaurants, guests will have magnificent views of the ocean as they dine on fine cuisine.

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