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LP Podcast: #169: The Bad, The Good and The Silly
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by The LPP Crew (archives)
May 16, 2011
This week on the LPP: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides news and controversy including another long debate, AMC Theater's new Fork and Dine is reviewed, Donny takes a shot at redesigning Camp Minnie Mickey and lots of other frivaloties.

On the heels of their Epic two-part podcast (appropriately named Epic Part 1 and Epic Part 2) you'd think the LPP would be ready to get back to a simple, straight-forward 90-minute show full of happy and joy. That's what I thought, too, as we started. But 120+ minutes later we'd had yet another knock-down, drag-out beating a new topic into the ground. But also, hopefully, giving listeners something to think about as well. Happily - we were able to come out the other side still friends and talk about happier topics like the biggest news to come out of Disney World this year. So here's this week's rundown...

This week's show

Podcast #169: The Bad, The Good and The Silly
Date: May 16, 2011
Length: 125:04


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: The world premiere, the news coming out of the press junket, the Pirates 5 rumors - these all get their share of time. But then we brought up this topic:

And the question was asked ... is this poster appropriate for a film released under the Walt Disney Pictures label? Which meanders into discussion of what's appropriate for Disney theme parks? Is there a difference? Does Disney push more limits know than they used? Etc, etc. etc. Even listening to it a second time while editing, I thought it was an interesting discussion. What's your opinion?

AMC Dine-In Theatres: Moving on to happier topics the crew talk about the new Dine-In Theatres at the AMC Downtown Disney movie theaters where guests can eat a table service meal while watching a movie. We've been anticipating this for months and it's finally here!

The Animal Kingdom Project: On the last show we were tasked by magic0214 to redesign Animal Kingdom. Donny gets to go first as he gives his unlimited budget changes to this area of the park. He even manages to somehow work in the Monorail and that's not even his strangest idea.


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Your Superstar Panel

This panel for this week's show is...

Doobie: The author of this article and the co-owner of LaughingPlace.com. Doobie has been a Disney fan since 1995 and has visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World literally thousands of times though he's never worked there. His favorite attractions are Tower of Terror and the Haunted Mansion, and he loves Fantasmic! and Lights! Motors! Action! (and any show with exclamation points). Among his favorite Disney experience is Disney's Princess on Ice. Doobie is the father of a 2-year old little boy named Gideon (who you can hear on a few podcasts in early 2009) and has a dog Happy (who you can hear on the podcasts almost every week).

Rebekah: The other co-owner of LaughingPlace.com and Doobie's wife. She's a life-long Disney fan who's also visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World thousands of times. She's a big fan of the 70s Disney, especially the 70s Mickey Mouse Club. Her daily job at LaughingPlace.com requires her to keep her finger on the pulse of all things Disney. The best little-known Disney film she's introduced her husband to is Greyfriars Bobby. She also has a 2-year old little boy and a dog.

Captain Jon: Another life-long Disney fan who comes at things from a slightly younger point of view. He's especially adept at dreaming up new Disney attractions, but ultimately, he's a pirate with all that that entails. His favorite movie is, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean. His hits include the very popular, now retired, but occasionally returning Captain's Challenge. This week he also plays the part of Doobie's nemesis.

Donny: Our occasional contributor and fill in is back again. Donny is a recent transplant to Florida so he's still basking in the glow. But he'd been a regular visitor to Disneyland for years and a long-time fan of many things Disney (having 3 kids doesn't hurt). Donny's worst habit? Forgetting to eat before the show.

Riding the bench for this show is FanBoy. But he'll back soon. He can't wait to talk about Fork and Dine either

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-- Posted May 16, 2011