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Disney Dream: Changes They Got Wrong and Right
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by Doobie Moseley
July 8, 2011
Disney made many changes in designing their newest cruise ship the Disney Dream. Here Doobie presents five changes he feels they got wrong and five they got right.
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Back in February I had the chance to my first (and thus far only) cruise on Disney's newest ship, the Disney Dream. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The ship was bigger and better in almost every way. I still love the original ships a wouldn't hesitate to cruise on them again but to me, there's no question which is the better experience. The Disney Dream is spectacular.

That said, it's not perfect. And some of changes they chose to make were, in my opinion, a step backwards. In this article I look at 5 changes for the worse on the Disney Dream and 5 changes for the better. I'm not looking at the new features like the AquaDuck and the Magical Portholes, just changes that were made from the Magic/Wonder to the Dream. In no particular order, here they are:

The Promenade Cafe on the Disney Magic
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A Change for the Worse: Promenade Cafe (Magic and Wonder)

Of all the things removed in creating the Disney Dream, this is the one I miss the most. The Promenade Cafe is the lounge on Deck 3 (the boarding deck) just off the main lobby. There are a lot of seats, live music and a bar. Its usually pretty uncrowded and it is our standard go-to place to just hang out or meet up. Its also where a lot of the cruise staff games like Cruisin for Trivia are played. Theres really no place like it on the Dream. The Vista Cafe lounge on Deck 4 is nice but doesnt have the music and has far fewer seats.

Nemo's Reef (that's mine in the orange wetsuit)
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A Change for the Better: Got it Right: Nemo's Reef (Dream)

If youre not yet potty trained, youre not going to have all that much water fun on the Magic and Wonder. They do have splash zones but they seem more like afterthoughts (actually, they are, having been added in dry docks after the ships were in service). But on the Disney Dream an entire area called Nemos Reef has been created with kids and parents in mind: There are only two ways in - the main entrance and a small door to be used as a wheelchair entrance. Its in the shade. Theres glass all around so you can see your child from many angles. And its huge. A vast improvement that our 2-year old wanted to visit again and again.

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