Ryan Reynolds to Produce Game Show “Don’t” for ABC

Ryan Reynolds may be known for his R-rated role as the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool, but soon he will be producing a family-friendly game show simply titled Don’t for ABC, according to Variety.

  • Don’t is being described as “comedic physical game show” in which families of four perform various challenges.
  • The families must work together on various physical or mental tasks and are given one rule: Don’t.
  • In each challenge, the families will be told “don’t do something,” like “don’t laugh,” “don’t slip,” “don’t scream,” or various other “don’t” challenges.
  • Each episode will feature one family competing in these challenges. If the family can compete the challenges, they will win a cash prize. Every time a family member fails, they will be eliminated and the remaining members will continue to compete, earning money along the way. Whatever money they manage to earn is theirs to keep.
  • Don’t is created by Banijay Studios.
  • Reynolds, Banijay Studios North America president and CEO David Goldberg, Caroline Baumgard and Maximum Effort’s George Dewey will executive produce the new game show.

What they’re saying:

  • Ryan Reynolds: “All my life, the word ‘don’t’ has tortured me. From ‘don’t curse’ to ‘don’t play ball in the house’ to ‘don’t eat the crab salad you left in the sun for three days.’ I cannot wait for my personal trauma to become the next great ABC family show.”
  • David Goldberg: “’Don’t’ is based upon the simple premise that there are countless things that our brain advises us to do. In ‘Don’t,’ contestants are challenged to resist what their brain is urging them to do. One thing is for sure, my brain never said ‘don’t’ to Ryan Reynolds, one of the most talented and popular stars on the planet. This wildly entertaining and unpredictable show has so much potential, and I’m pleased to be making it for ABC, who has been such a great partner over the years.”