“Marvel’s Avengers” War Table Gives New Looks at Gameplay, Story, Characters and More

With anticipation for the release of the new game growing, Marvel and Crystal Dynamics held a live War Table event today to give fans some new looks at Marvel’s Avengers. The roughly half hour-long presentation offered a new trailer with new story details, new looks at gameplay, new characters and much more!

  • The presentation began with a trailer, which revealed new details for the story and even gave us our first look at the big villain for the upcoming game – M.O.D.O.K.!
  • The trailer also gave us a look at what is most likely Abomination in a fight with the Hulk.
  • The presentation then gave us a closer look at M.O.D.O.K. and his formation of AIM in response to A-Day, which resulted in the disbanding of the Avengers.
  • M.O.D.O.K. is performing experiments on Inhumans in an attempt to remove superpowers and using the public’s fear of them as the driving factor.

  • We also get more details on Kamala Khan’s involvement in the story. She digs into AIM’s records and learns of their experiments. She then tries to reassemble the Avengers to stop them.
  • Next up, the presentation provided a look at some new gameplay. This look came from a ‘Hero Mission’ called “Once an Avenger” focused on Thor.

Marvel's Avengers (PS5)

Marvel's Avengers (PS5)

  • Hero missions were explained as single player campaign experiences focusing on a single playable character.
  • The game then went into a breakdown of the combat systems, which vary with each character.
  • Each character will have their own specific moves, including – in Thor’s case – manual targeting, which allows the God of Thunder to throw Mjolnir at a series of enemies.
  • The presentation also explains the various skills and gear to you can earn and equip as you play the game, really allowing you to play the game your way.
  • We also got a look at some of the various looks that will be available for the characters in the game, some of which are inspired by classic Marvel Comics stories.

  • We then got a look at another trailer, with this one focused on the game’s multiplayer modes.
  • The trailer shows off the game’s customization, with each of the heroes sporting many different looks.
  • The trailer also focused on the co-op style of play.
  • We then got a breakdown of ‘War Zones’ another game mode which allows players to play with a team of up to four players or solo with AI-controlled versions of their own heroes.
  • We also learn that, as you play the game, you’ll also be rebuilding your own helicarrier which will act as your base and allow you to unlock more parts of the game.
  • The presentation also gave a look at several other characters that will be featured in the game, like Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Dum Dum Dugan.
  • Finally, it was announced that there will be more of these War Table events in the coming months leading up to the September 4 release of Marvel’s Avengers.