Co-Writers Ben Jackendoff and Taboo Share More Details on Marvel Comics’ “Werewolf by Night”

The hour of the wolf is almost at hand! A new “Werewolf by Night” is on the prowl in an all-new series written by Taboo and Ben Jackendoff with art by Scot Eaton.

  • Set in a small town in Arizona, “Werewolf by Night” will tell the incredible tale of a young man named Jake dealing with the effects of a family curse while trying to protect his people from a mysterious corporation.
  • As this wild adventure unfolds, Jake will learn the startling truth behind his abilities and go up against fan-favorite super hero, Red Wolf.
  • Don’t miss the epic introduction of the new “Werewolf by Night” and the surprising mythology behind his history when the series kicks off next month!
  • Marvel also shared some of the incredible artwork featured in the pages of the first issue of this new comics series:



  • “Werewolf by Night #1” hits stands on October 21.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Taboo: "I’m half-Hopi and half-Mexican, so we pulled a lot from my personal experience to implement that in our storytelling. The cool thing about this story is that although there’s a Native perspective to it, it’s not a Native story. This kid is dealing with becoming a werewolf and it’s inclusive to everyone and there’s bits and pieces for everyone to take away their own personal motivation. [Scot Eaton] sees the vision, and Scot just applies it and takes it to the next level.”